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Where the thrill of Travel, meets the excitement of Sports

Welcome to Traveling for Sports where the thrill of travel meets the excitement of sports! 

Are you a sports fan looking to take a journey to catch your favourite team in action? Or maybe you want to experience the thrill of a major sports tournament? Look no further!

We’re the world’s first travel blog for sports travelers. Whether you’re travelling to a tournament, planning a bucket list trip, or want to experience the electric atmosphere of a live game we’ve got all the information you need.

Sporting Events Guides for Sports Travelers

At Traveling for Sports, we understand that every sports event is unique, with its own set of challenges and adventures. That’s why we provide tailored travel tips for sports events, ensuring that your journey is smooth from start to finish. From the Super Bowl, to Formula One, to catching a football match at one of the world’s top teams, our team provides you with insider advice to enhance your trip. 

We’ll tell you where to buy tickets, where to experience the best atmosphere and help you experience match day like a local. Let us be your trusted guide as you navigate the exciting world of sports travel.

Watch a Famous Team Live

No matter if you are a fan of a team, everyone who has even a little interest in sports, would want to see live matches of famous teams. And as traveling for sports, we have prepared comprehensive travel itineraries for watching these teams live. You will get all types of tips like where to buy tickets, where to stay, where to eat and drink and more. To find more tips about planning a trip to famous football clubs, check our suggestions.

Must- Visit Cities for Sports Travelers

Every city has its own charm, its own must-see spots and its passionate sports fans.  Whether you’re visiting cities to watch teams like Real Madrid, the New York Yankees, Borussia Dortmund, or visiting a location off the beaten track our city guides will ensure that you experience the city like a local.  

We understand the thrill of exploring a new city or a new country. We know there’s no better way to get to know a location than by joining the locals and visiting a local sports game. 

The Traveling for Sports city guides will tell you about the must-see spots, the best restaurants, how to get around the city, the most exciting events and the hidden places that only the locals know about. We’ll help you to make the most of your trip and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Sports to Travel

Whether you want to travel to a European football match, to an NBA game in the United States, experience the splendour of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship in London or want to travel the world watching Formula One Traveling for Sports has all the information you need.

We’ve gathered insights and tips from experts on all kinds of sports events worldwide. We’ll give you the tips you need to make your trip run smoothly so all you have to concentrate on is supporting your team!

Travel Tips for Sports Travelers

Outside the stadium, there’s a whole world waiting to be explored. Our writers provide unrivalled insights to help you make the most of your trip. From finding the right accommodation, to booking the right travel tickets we’ll help you plan your trip.  We also know that traveling for sports is about much more than going to the game, it’s about exploring the world, embracing new cultures and creating memories.

Meet Our Writers

All of the Traveling for Sports writers are dedicated fans who, like you, love combining their passions for sports and travel.

They’ll provide you with excellent information based on their experiences, provide you insider tips to help you experience match day like a local and embrace the travel experience.

The writers are based all around the world. If they’re not writing an article for Traveling for Sports they are probably in a sports stadium somewhere in the world. 

Check out their profiles below. If you’ve got questions for them you can get in contact with us and we’ll try to help with your questions!

His articles offer advice for maximizing match day experiences and travel insights drawn from his journeys.
Big fan of sports events. Right person to get the best tips for when traveling for sports.
Great combination of travel and sports. Travel has taken him from South East Asia to the USA and goes at least one sports event.
Lives in United States. She has three main loves in life: Sports, traveling, and writing about sports and traveling.