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Where to eat in Berlin during Sports Events

There is plenty of food options to choose from in Berlin, so you won’t be disappointed when you travel there in 2024. The city is renowned for its authentic cuisine, fine dining, and exciting street food options. The public transport network in Berlin is exemplary, so whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat before heading to one of the Euro 2024 matches at the Olympiastadion, or want to sample some authentic Bavarian cuisine post-game, you’ll be able to travel between the venue and a huge variety of restaurants easily. Below you’ll find everything you know about where, how, and what to eat while you’re in the German capital.

Eating Out in Berlin 101

You’ve got loads of options when it comes to dining in Berlin.  Let’s start with some of the best options that are close to the Euro 2024 area.

Closest restaurants to the Olympiastadion

If you’ll be traveling for Euro 2024, or plan to catch a football match while on vacation in Berlin, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of options when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat on match day. You’ll find a range of food kiosks and vendors both inside the stadium and outside in its environs. So whether you fancy a quick snack or a more substantial meal, you won’t go hungry before or after the match!.

The following restaurants you’ll find within a ten to fifteen minute-walk of the Olympiastadion and are well worth checking out:

  • Preussisches Landwirtshaus, Flatowallee 23

Serving up German and central European fare, this restaurant is extremely popular with those visiting the Olympiastadion, so it’s well worth booking to secure your table. The outdoor seating is charming, and, on warm days, food is regularly cooked on the outdoor grill, meaning you’ll smell the delicious fragrances wafting through the air as you approach!

  • Restaurant Epavlis, Olympische Str. 30

Another highly-rated restaurant located within easy walking distance of the Olympiastadion, the Restaurant Epavlis offers beautifully presented Greek dishes and accompanying wines. Choose from delicacies such as Octopus Skaras and Grilled Squid Stuffed with Spinach. The staff are extra-welcoming, too.

  • Stadionterrassen, Jesse-Owens Allee 2

Just a stone’s throw from the stadium, this diner is perfect for a relaxed lunch and a glass of cool German craft beer. There’s an a la carte menu, as well as a standard menu, on offer, and plenty of vegetarian options, too, so there should be something to keep everyone in your party happy.

High – rated Restaurants

If you are having a bit luxury travel for yourself, we recommend you to try the restaurants below.

  • Hackethals, Mitte

Located in the vibrant Mitte district of the city, Hackethals is a warm, friendly gastropub and bar serving up hearty German fare in a cozy atmosphere. Portions are large, and the atmosphere is lively – it’s no wonder that this restaurant won a Travelers’ Choice award from TripAdvisor in 2023. Try the Eisbein (poached ham hock) or the Wiener Schnitzel for a deliciously authentic taste of Berlin.

  • Ebert Restaurant and Bar, Wilmersdorf

If you’re looking for a real treat, head to Ebert to sample local cuisine with a modern twist. The eatery’s menu changes with the seasons, so you can enjoy the freshest fish dishes or barbecued steaks straight off the grill. There’s a great range of vegetarian choices on offer, too, as well as a wonderful selection of German craft beers.

  • Kurpfalz-Weinstuben, Charlottenburg

This traditional German restaurant and taverna is tucked away in a quiet corner of Charlottenburg and offers visitors a menu full of local fare – including an a la carte option – friendly staff, and a warm welcome in a building that’s full of character. The wine pairing service is a lovely touch that’ll allow you to enjoy the perfect German wine or beer with your meal.

Cafe culture

There’s more to Berlin that a range of exceptional restaurants! Cafe culture is a serious thing here, and an intrinsic part of the city’s zeitgeist. Generations of artists, writers, musicians, philosophers, and thinkers have gathered within the walls of some of the city’s oldest cafes, quietly (or loudly) changing the course of history.

Soak up this important element of Berlin life with a trip to one of these cafes – philosophizing purely optional.

  • Cafe Einstein, Schoneberg

You can enjoy both German and Austrian treats here while savoring your coffee and relaxing at the cafe’s gorgeous marble tables. Service is friendly and warm, and the breakfast menu is temptingly extensive.

  • Cafe Rosenduft, Steglitz

Specializing in organic fare and enjoying beautiful views of its surroundings, the Cafe Rosenduft offers high-quality coffee, cakes, and ice-creams along with fresh pizzas and vegetable pies and a range of breakfast items, including fresh wholegrain Spelt rolls.

  • Cafe Vux, Neukolln

If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly cafe, then this cute establishment is the perfect option: even the drinks are made exclusively with organic soya or rice milk. The menu is full of homemade treats, including cupcakes, bagels, and tarts, and the summer Sunday brunch is particularly popular with locals and visitors to the city alike.

Amazing Artisanal Bakeries

In Berlin, you simply must try one of the city’s famed artisanal bakeries. Pay a visit to the Frea Bakery in Mitte for vegan, organic, homemade foodstuffs: the freshly made croissants and hazelnut fritters are particularly worth a try.

The Neukolln district is well-served by artisanal bakeries, and Taktil is widely regarded as offering the best baguettes in Berlin, baked in wood-fired ovens for extra taste and authenticity. And for simply out-of-this-world bread, you have to try the regional loaves of Hansis Brot, Weddings, where you’ll find traditional breads from across Germany, including a 70% rye loaf and a 30% wholegrain sourdough.

Food markets in Berlin

Berlin food markets are well worth checking out during your time in the city; they’re an essential part of the traveling experience.

  • Ökomarkt am Kollwitzplatz

Head to the Ökomarkt am Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg on a Thursday between noon and 7 pm to browse the organic fare of around fifty vendors. The times that the market runs allow farmers to harvest their produce and offer it for sale on the same day. As well as all the delicious food on sale, you’ll also find stalls serving up lunch here, as well as vendors selling local handicrafts, clothes, and jewelry.

Markthalle Neun, in Kreuzberg, is a must-visit food market where you can browse and sample street food and fresh produce. The market is host to a range of special events throughout the year, as well as regular events such as the hugely popular Sunday Brunch.

Exciting street food options in Berlin

Berlin is home to some of the most delicious street food in the country – if not the continent! As well as must-try delicacies, such as currywurst and German kebabs, build some time into your schedule to check out one or more of the regularly occurring street food events that pop up throughout the city.

  • Bite Club runs every other Friday near the riverside at Kreuzberg. Stalls, vans, and bars set out a tempting and mind-boggling array of street food, from local fare to unusual offerings from around the world. 
  • Chakalaka Tuesdays start at 7 pm every Tuesday in Neukolln, offering a mouth-watering taste of Durban. All the food served here is vegan-friendly, and the event has become an extremely popular one on the Berlin street food calendar.
  • Street Food Thursday runs every Thursday from 5 pm at Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg. Here you’ll find chefs preparing temping morsels and dishes from all over the world for super cheap prices.
  • Street Food Au Asche is held every Sunday from 12 noon in the courtyard of the Kulturbrauerei in Prenlauer Berg. Food trucks from the city and its surrounds congregate in the courtyard to offer visitors a taste of their delicious wares. Plus, experimental food dishes can be tried at the various booths for those feeling brave.

And for those traveling to Berlin in June 2024 for the Euro 2024 tournament, don’t miss the annual Italian Street Food Festival, with events being planned throughout the city.

How about the fast food?

Let’s be real: after a day of exploring the city or enjoying a lively post-Euro 2024 football match celebration, sometimes all you want is some fast food. Must-try, classic Berlin fast food includes donor kebabs and currywurst. The latter is the fast food perhaps most associated with the city, and comprises slices of sausage covered in a curry-powdered infused tomato ketchup.

You’ll find all the classic fast food chains you’d expect in Berlin – like McDonald’s and KFC – but if you’d like a more authentic taste of the city, try one of the fast food outlets below.

  • Bürgermeister Schlesisches Tor, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

An American-style fast food joint serving up high-quality burgers with a Berlin twist, Burgermeister Schlesisches Tor is the place to make a bee-line for if you fancy a quick but satisfying bite to eat. The chili cheeseburger is particularly worth a mention.

  • Lia’s Kitchen, Prenzlauer Berg

Offering 100% vegan fast food, Lia’s Kitchen boasts friendly (and speedy) service, a warm atmosphere, and a surprisingly extensive and creative menu. Highlights include the BBQ Mushroom Burger and Walnut and Cranberry Salad.

  • Rueyam Gemuese Kebab, Schoneberg

Serving up doner kebabs accompanied by fresh vegetables, tasty food, and huge portions has made this fast food outlet a huge hit with both locals and tourists. You may find a queue here, but this really is a good sign and is a testament to the delights awaiting you within!

Sample itinerary for a day of culinary exploration in Berlin

Not sure how to get started putting together an itinerary for a day of culinary adventure in the German capital? We’ve got your back: simply use our ready-made guide below with Berlin city attractions.

  • Start by grabbing breakfast at the popular House of Small Wonder, Mitte, which serves up whimsical Japanese cuisine in a magical setting.
  • Head to the Berlin Wall to view the East Side Gallery and Berlin Wall Memorial.
  • Next, take the S or U-Bahn to Charlottenburg Palace, to explore the history of this building, constructed in the seventeenth century. While here, pop to the nearby  Kleine Orangerie cafe to enjoy cake and a refreshing drink.
  • For lunch, make your way to the Markthalle Berlin, where you’ll find vendors and stalls selling food from the region and all around the world, and maybe enjoy some authentic German craft beer.
  • Spend the afternoon exploring the Mitte district in the center of Berlin. As well as the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Building, be sure to visit the Tiergarten and make the most of the wonderful beer garden you’ll find within its borders.
  • Have an afternoon coffee break at the Hackescher Markt, which is full of patio bars, restaurants, pubs, and shops to explore.
  • Head to the Berliner Fernsehturm (the Berlin TV Tower) in time for sunset to enjoy an awesome view of the sun sinking over the city before the lights of Berlin switch on.
  • Make your way to Schwarzwaldstuben, Mitte, for dinner to round off your evening with some authentic German dishes and enjoy a drink or two.

And if you need some more inspiration? Check out this video for an insider’s guide on culinary spots to hit while you’re in the city.

The takeaway…or Eat In

If you’re traveling to Berlin in 2024, a culinary wonderland awaits you. From fine dining to deliciously authentic German cuisine to experimental street food, there are almost infinite choices on offer. So, while we can’t guarantee the outcome of the Euro 2024 matches, we can guarantee that you won’t go home hungry!