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The Complete Guide for Buying Euro 2024 Tickets

Are you planning on traveling for Euro 2024 but don’t have any tickets yet? There may still be hope. While all the latest tickets have sold out, including those on the Euro 2024 resale platform, your Euro dream may not be over yet!

** If you still don’t have any tickets **

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Are There Any Other Ways to Get My Hands on Euro 2024 Tickets?

If you don’t want to leave it to chance – ie, further last-minute tickets becoming available via the UEFA website – and you’ve got the budget for it, booking a ticket-inclusive hospitality package is one of the best ways to secure your seat.

Via the official UEFA Euro 2024 website, you can view and purchase a range of packages that include hospitality, catering, entertainment, and – of course – seats with some of the best views in the stadium. The following packages are available:

  • Single matches
  • Venue series – allowing you to catch all the matches (with hospitality) in a particular city
  • Final series – to see the semis and grand final
  • Follow My Team series – to enjoy all the matches played by the country you support in the tournament

Alternatively, you can build your own ticket-inclusive hospitality package. Simply complete the form on the UEFA platform and the team will tailor an experience for your needs and provide you with a quote. But as we mentioned, be prepared: hospitality packages are likely to set you back €1,000 or more.

Can I Get Tickets Via a National Team Members’ Club?

Although it’s not guaranteed – especially at this late stage of the game (excuse the pun) – you may be able to secure Euro 2024 tickets through a specific nation’s national team members’ club. Be aware, though: you’ll need to pay to join such a club, and joining is no guarantee of getting a ticket – especially given that they often boast extremely large membership numbers, many of whom could also be scrambling about trying to get their hands on a Euro 2024 ticket.

Can I Be Refunded For or Transfer My Euro 2024 Ticket?

According to the official UEFA Euro 2024 ticketing platform, all tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, except where special circumstances exist. However, if a match is canceled, relocated, or rescheduled, a refund will be issued – but only to the original buyer.

If you’ve purchased an official ticket-inclusive hospitality package, there are several scenarios where you’ll be eligible for a refund, such as where a package is canceled within seven days of purchase, match postponement, cancellation, or abandonment, or a change of stadium.

Should it turn out you can’t make it to a match you have a ticket for, it is possible (and pretty easy) to transfer your ticket to someone else. This can be done via the mobile app we mentioned above and be in accordance with the Euro 2024 ticket exchange policies.

How Much Do Euro 2024 Tickets Cost?

Wondering how much you’ll need to shell out if additional last-minute Euro 2024 tickets become available? As you can expect, there’s a wide range of prices depending on the nature of the ticket, with Fans First tickets Euro 2024 representing the cheapest option in each category. Take a look at the UEFA Euro 2024 website for a more in-depth idea of the cost of tickets.

  • Group stage tickets –  €30 to €200 a ticket
  • Round of 16 tickets –  €50 to $250 a ticket
  • Quarterfinals tickets – €60 to €300 a ticket
  • Semi-final tickets – €80 to €600 a ticket
  • Final tickets – €95 to €1,000 a ticket

How About Getting Euro 2024 Tickets from a Third Party?

We get it. If you’ve not got tickets to one of the games it’s really tempting to try to purchase via a third-party, such as a ticket tout. While you may get lucky and this works out ok for you, it’s a really risky move. There’s a high chance that you arrive at the venue only to be turned away as the ticket you’ve bought is a counterfeit. 

Although there are no specific rules in Germany regarding illegal ticket sales, there are measures in place to prevent the unauthorized sale or transfer of tickets. For example, all Euro 2024 tickets are named, and identification is required at the point of purchase. This all adds up to the fact that buying a Euro 2024 ticket via a third party is likely a very bad idea.

Ticket Scams and Mistakes to Avoid

If, despite the risks, you do go down the route of purchasing Euro 2024 tickets from a third party, there are some common ticketing scams and mistakes to avoid or be on the lookout for.

Fake Websites and Phishing

Be very careful of phishing emails that lure you to click through to a website that, although seemingly legit, is actually a fake. It may look just like the UEFA Euro 2024 official ticketing platform, but it may be a duplicate – entering your payment details won’t result in a ticket but will likely result in your bank account or credit card funds being raided.

To avoid this, never visit a website via an email link; instead, head to the website directly and check its URL to ensure its authenticity. Also, watch out for scam competitions or lotteries that may try to convince you that you’ve won a ticket – typically asking you to provide a range of personal details to collect your ‘winnings.’

Counterfeit Tickets

Scammers – whether a ticket tout outside the stadium or via an online platform – can produce tickets that look so like the real thing that you’ll be convinced they’re legit. Until you get to the venue, that is, and get refused entry to the game. Buying from authorized, official sellers is the best way to stay safe from this scam.

Similarly, last-minute deals may seem like a really good idea, especially when you’re desperate to get tickets to a game, but remember that scammers are keen to capitalize on this sense of urgency to get you to part with your cash.

Unsecured Payment Platforms

Finally, if buying tickets from a third party, always take a moment to ensure that the payment platform is secure. If not, this is a major sign of a scam and puts your personal and financial details at risk. Check the platform’s URL: it should start with ‘https’ rather than simply ‘http’ to indicate that it’s secure. And if in any doubt? Give those tickets a miss, however much you want to see the game.

Ticketing Tips for the Win

Last but not least, there are a few key ticketing conditions and tips that you need to be aware of to ensure you’re ready for your big Euro 2024 adventure:

  • Treat your mobile ticket like the precious digital document it is, and have it ready in your app when you arrive at the stadium. Remember, UEFA isn’t responsible for stolen, lost, or otherwise inaccessible tickets.
  • Ticket purchases must be at least eighteen years old – although you don’t need to be eighteen to gain access to the stadiums. Everyone, irrespective of age, will require a valid ticket to get into a game.
  • Familiarize yourself with the various Euro 2024 stadiums’ layouts, rules, and etiquette before attending a match, and remember that each seat is assigned to a single ticket holder.
  • Keep an eye on the UEFA Euro 2024 ticketing platform for the release of further last-minute tickets or the sites of official partners for competitions and raffles to win tickets.

Following these tips won’t just help your Euro 2024 journey run more smoothly but make it more enjoyable, too. The last thing you want is a last-minute panic because you’re unfamiliar with the stadium rules or can’t figure out how to access your mobile ticket on the day. Check out this article for more travel tips for fans of each national team heading to Germany for the tournament this summer.

Euro 2024 ticket FAQ

Are there additional benefits to UEFA Euro 2024 ticket holders?

Yes – Euro 2024 ticket holders will be able to access discounted national and international train tickets and a 36 Hour Travel Pass to use on regional public transport.

Will there be paper Euro 2024 tickets available?

There will be no paper Euro 2024 tickets available. All tickets will be delivered as mobile tickets via the UEFA Mobile Tickets app. They cannot be downloaded or printed as a PDF, and a screenshot of the ticket cannot be used to access the stadium

What is a wheelchair user ticket?

Wheelchair user tickets are for disabled fans who use a power or manual chair; dedicated wheelchair user areas are typically located close to accessible amenities. A complimentary ticket for a personal assistant or companion may be requested upon application for Accessibility Tickets.

Get Set for the Starting Whistle

As the tournament kick-off on June 14th, 2024, nears, for many fans, the race is on to secure last-minute tickets. While all of the tickets released to date have sold out, there’s a chance that UEFA will release another tranche nearer the time, so regularly checking the official ticketing platform is vital. With any luck, you’ll bag one of these ‘golden’ tickets and can start planning your perfect Euro 2024 adventure.