copa america 2024 host cities

Host Cities of Copa America 2024

Four groups. Three weeks. 16 teams. 10 states. 14 Copa America host cities, all located in the US. Are y’all ready? Copa America 2024 is shaping up to be one of the most fun editions of the tournament to date, and if you’re traveling for the tournament, it’s also a great opportunity to explore some of the USA’s most iconic cities. Let’s take a look at what each Copa America 2024 host city has to offer, and the best ways to travel between cities to catch multiple games. 

Which Cities Will Host Copa America 2024?

There are 14 different host cities for Copa America 2024 (or 13 if you don’t count Kansas City twice, but I am because it spans two states). Some of the host cities, like “Inglewood” or “East Rutherford” might not sound familiar to those not initiated with US geography, but they’re closer to much larger cities that you’ve definitely heard of. 

Here’s a look at the Copa America USA venues for 2024: 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these host cities, including the matches they’re hosting and what you can expect from each venue. 

Santa Clara, California

Let’s start with the Bay Area in northern California. Santa Clara, located next to San Jose in the South Bay, is around an hour’s train ride from San Francisco. If you’re planning on traveling to Copa America matches in Santa Clara, you’ll have to decide whether to stay in the South Bay/San Jose area, or San Francisco. 

Santa Clara is hosting two matches, both at Levi’s Stadium, home of almost Super Bowl-winners the San Francisco 49ers. The games you can catch in Santa Clara are: 

  • Group B: Ecuador vs Venezuela, Saturday June 22nd at 3 pm 
  • Group D: Brazil vs Colombia, Tuesday July 2nd at 6 pm

The stadium has a capacity of almost 70,000, and if the matches sell out, it’s bound to be a raucous atmosphere, especially the second matchup with the two incredible fan bases of Brazil and Colombia! 

Local tip: Unless you’re desperate to visit Google HQ, I’d recommend staying in San Francisco. There’s so much more to see and do compared to the Silicon Valley area of San Jose. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge, tour Alcatraz, and explore historic Haight-Ashbury and the Painted Ladies. 

Inglewood, California

Inglewood is a city located south of Los Angeles. It’ll take you at least an hour to get from downtown LA to Inglewood, and public transport options are limited around the stadium (they do shuttle buses for NFL games, so something similar may be in place for Copa America). Inglewood is hosting two matches: 

  • Group D: Brazil vs TBD qualifier, Monday June 24th, 6 pm
  • Group B: Venezuela vs Mexico, Wednesday June 26th, 6 pm

Games here will be played at SoFi Stadium, home of both the LA Chargers and the LA Rams in the NFL. SoFi also isn’t new to round-ball football either, having hosted several teams in the Leagues Cup Showcase in 2022, and the CONCACAF Men’s Gold Cup Final in 2023, which was won by Mexico. 

Local tip: When I stayed in Inglewood it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I’d recommend staying in Santa Monica during Copa America as it’s safer, there’s a lot more to do, you’re right on the beach, and it’s fairly easy to get to the stadium. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

That’s right, Copa America is coming to Vegas, baby! Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders in the NFL and host of February’s Superbowl LVIII, will be hosting these three matches: 

  • Group B: Ecuador vs Jamaica, Wednesday June 26th, 3 pm
  • Group D: Paraguay vs Brazil, Friday June 28th, 6 pm
  • Quarter Final: 1C vs 2D, Saturday July 6th, 6 pm

This is one of the most conveniently located stadiums in the entire tournament – you can stay on the Las Vegas strip and easily walk down to Allegiant Stadium. The stadium has a capacity of around 65,000, and has hosted soccer matches before, including a summer friendly between Man U and Dortmund in 2023. 

Local tip: Be prepared for some serious heat, both on and off the pitch. Temperatures for June/July can push 105F/41C, but  the desert climate means that it still gets pretty cool at night. 

Glendale, Arizona

Located just northwest of Phoenix, AZ, Glendale is a Copa America 2024 host city for three matches: 

  • Group D: Colombia vs TBD qualifier, Friday June 28th, 3 pm
  • Group B: Mexico vs Ecuador, Sunday June 30th, 5 pm
  • Quarter Final: 1D vs 2C, Saturday July 6th, 3 pm

Matches will be played at State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals. The last time the Copa America was held in the USA in 2016, Glendale was a host city as well. The stadium has a capacity of almost 65,000 – expect a full house for that Mexico vs Ecuador clash! 

Local tip: Like Vegas, Phoenix/Glendale is also in the desert and regularly sees temps above 105F/41C. Be prepared! 

Austin, Texas

Texas is huge, so I guess it’s fair that the state gets three separate host cities for Copa America 2024. The first, Austin, is home to one of the smaller Copa America 2024 host stadiums – Q2 Arena, the 21,000-capacity home of Matthew McConaughey’s Austin FC. You can catch two matches at Q2: 

  • Group B: Jamaica vs Venezuela, Sunday June 30th, 7 pm 
  • Group D: TBD qualifier vs Paraguay, Tuesday July 2nd, 8 pm 

Austin might not be hosting the highest-profile matches, but it’s a cool city to visit. Being only a 3-hour bus ride from Houston, it could be a worthwhile trek if you’re planning on going to any of the bigger matches in Hoston. 

Local tip: I love Austin. It’s a quirky, creative, vibrant city that’s not traditionally what you’d expect from Texas. It’s got great coffee, tons of live music, and art everywhere. Would recommend!

Houston, Texas

Known for that one time NASA had a problem, Houston is a city that feels a bit more like “proper Texas.” Houston is a Copa America host city for three matches, including: 

  • Group B: Mexico vs Jamaica, Saturday June 22nd, 8 pm
  • Group D: Colombia vs Paraguay, Monday June 24th, 5 pm
  • Quarter Final: 1A vs 2B, Thursday July 4th, 8 pm

Matches here are being played at NRG Stadium, the home of the NFL’s most confusingly named team, the Houston Texans. There are 70,000+ seats, and I imagine someone will be sitting on the edge of every single one of them for these amazing showdowns. If Argentina tops their group (A), that will be Messi’s quarter-final on the 4th of July. Fireworks! 

Local tip: Visit the Space Center – it’s what Houston is famous for and it’s a pretty cool experience. 

Arlington, Texas

The third Copa America 2024 host city in Texas is Arlington, which is sandwiched between Dallas and Fort Worth. Arlington is hosting three Copa America matches: 

  • Group A: Peru vs Chile, Friday June 21st, 7 pm
  • Group C: USA vs Bolivia, Sunday June 23rd, 5 pm
  • Quarter Final: 1B vs 2A, Friday July 5th, 8 pm

Matches are being played at the 80,000-capacity AT&T Stadium, home of America’s NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys. It’s located right in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth, so you can look into both cities and decide which would be better to stay in. The stadium is around a 30-minute drive from both cities. 

Local tip: I’d actually stay in Fort Worth – it has more of a “Texas” vibe, because it’s slightly smaller than Dallas, which has a bit of that generic big city feel to it. That said, make some time to visit Dallas if you can! 

Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas City makes it onto my Copa America host city list twice, which might seem confusing. I’ve separated it because there are actually two stadiums hosting matches in Kansas City, and those two stadiums are located in different states – Kansas and Missouri. In Kansas, you can catch one game:

  • Group A: Peru vs TBD qualifier, Tuesday June 25th, 5 pm 

This match is being played at Children’s Mercy Park, home of the MLS side Sporting Kansas City. Children’s Mercy Park is the smallest Copa America host stadium, with a capacity of just over 18,000. It’s a soccer-first stadium, which perhaps earned it points when it came to selecting venues for Copa America. 

Local tip: It doesn’t really matter whether you stay in KC Kansas or KC Missouri – most tourists have a similar experience in both parts of the city. 

Kansas City, Missouri

On the other side of Kansas City, you can catch a Copa America match in Missouri. This one is held at a substantially larger venue – Arrowhead Stadium, the home of Taylor Swift’s boyfriend’s team (or the KC Chiefs, as they were once known). The stadium has a capacity of almost 80,000, and it’ll likely be packed for what could be a feisty match: 

  • Group B: USA vs Uruguay, Monday July 1st, 8 pm

Being a US match, demand will likely be sky-high for this one. Get in before it’s too late! 

Local tip: KC is a sports-mad area. It’s the wrong time of year for NFL, but baseball will be in full swing, as will the MLS and NWSL seasons. Check the schedules and see how they do it, Kansas-style!

East Rutherford, New Jersey

Haven’t heard of East Rutherford? I bet you’ve heard of New York City though! East Rutherford is around a 45-minute train ride from Times Square, and even though it’s in New Jersey, it’s really the heart of sports in NYC. 

Games in East Rutherford are being played at MetLife Stadium, home of the New York Giants and New York Jets, both NFL teams. MetLife is hosting three matches: 

  • Group A: Chile vs Argentina, Tuesday June 25th, 9 pm
  • Group C: Uruguay vs Bolivia, Thursday June 27th, 9 pm
  • Semi Final: TBD vs TBD, Tuesday July 9th, 8 pm

It might go without saying, but you’re much better off staying in New York City than finding accommodation in East Rutherford. New York’s subway system is really easy to navigate, as is the train system that takes you to New Jersey when you’re traveling for Copa America 2024

Local tip: Don’t stay too close to Times Square or the really touristy areas of Manhattan. Avoid the tourist traps and try the Upper East Side or Lower Manhattan and SOHO. For more tips, check out our New Jersey travel tips page.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte doesn’t come into play until later in the tournament. There are two matches in Charlotte, both being played at Bank of America Stadium, which is home of both the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and the MLS’s Charlotte FC. With a capacity of 75,000, it’s going to be raucous for these two games: 

  • Semi Final: TBD vs TBD, Wednesday July 10th, 8 pm
  • Third-Place Match: TBD vs TBD, Saturday July 13th, 8 pm

The high capacity of Bank of America Stadium might be why it’s been selected to host these later matches, as organizers might be expecting bigger crowds. 

Local tip: Like a bit of NASCAR? Charlotte is home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, a museum celebrating the history and heritage of NASCAR – well worth a look if that’s your thing!

Atlanta, Georgia

Heading down into the heart of the south, Atlanta is another Copa America 2024 host city. Georgia’s capital is hosting two matches, including the tournament opener on the first day: 

  • Group A: Argentina vs TBD qualifier, Thursday June 20th, 8 pm
  • Group C: Panama vs USA, Thursday June 27th, 6 pm

With both Argentina and the US featuring, these are two of the most highly anticipated matches of the entire tournament. Demand will be sky high, so it’s a good thing these matches are being played at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, with a capacity of over 70,000. The stadium is used by both the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL and Atlanta United of the MLS – this is another sports-mad city!

Local tip: If you’re not familiar with the southern United States, Atlanta is a great place to go to get a real taste of southern hospitality! Don’t leave without trying the fried chicken and biscuits! 

Orlando, Florida

Florida is lucky enough to have two hosting sites – one in Orlando, and one further south in Miami. In Orlando, you can catch two matches: 

  • Group A: TBD qualifier vs Chile, Saturday June 29th, 8 pm
  • Group C: Bolivia vs Panama, Monday July 1st, 9 pm

These matches are being played at one of the smaller venues – INTER&Co Stadium. It has a capacity of 25,000, and is a soccer-specific stadium that’s home of both Orlando City in the MLS and Orlando Pride in the NWSL. Orlando is a great option if you’re traveling for sports with kids – there are theme parks aplenty! 

Local tip: Disney World isn’t just for kids. That’s all.

Miami Gardens, Florida

Further south and with much more beachy vibes, we have the final city on the list – Miami. Technically, matches are being played at Miami Gardens, which is a suburb/city just north of Miami (you can easily stay in Miami and take transit to the matches). You can catch three games in Miami, including the highly anticipated tournament final: 

  • Group C: Uruguay vs Panama, Sunday June 23rd, 9 pm
  • Group A: Argentina vs Peru, Saturday June 29th, 8 pm
  • Final: TBD vs TBD, Sunday July 14th, 8 pm

Matches will be played at the 65,000-capacity Hard Rock Stadium, where the NFL’s Miami Dolphins call home. There’s a train from Miami to Orlando that takes 3-4 hours, so it’s relatively easy to travel between these two cities if you want to base yourself in Florida and catch matches in both cities, or just visit Disney World for a day! Miami is famously set right on the beach, and is a great Copa America host city for anyone looking for a nice relaxing vacation. Check out our Miami Travel Tips guide for more ideas.

Local tip: You might come across a lot of people in Miami who don’t speak English; Spanish is the preferred choice by many. Don’t worry though – you can usually get by with gestures and pointing! 

What’s the Best Way to Travel Between Copa America Host Cities?

It sort of goes without saying, but the United States is a huge country. You can tell by looking at the groups that the organizers have at least tried to keep certain teams in specific areas of the country, so if you’re traveling to see one team, you should be able to follow them around either by taking trains between cities or short flights. 

The US is also a city that’s really set up for driving. If you feel comfortable, you can rent a car and plan some incredible road trips between cities. The cities here are fun, but in my opinion, it’s the incredible landscapes between them, from incredible vast deserts to giant redwood forests to stunning coastlines, that are really worth seeing. 


If you’re traveling for soccer at Copa America, there’s clearly a lot to think about! You can either catch games in a specific city and explore one area, or travel around the country following your favorite team. Both are great ideas, they just require some planning! 

You’ll find everything you need to plan your trip to the Copa America 2024 host cities right here at Traveling for Sports! We’ve got accommodation guides, transportation guides, and articles on each host city, outlining what to do and what to know before your trip. Check them out to make the most of your visit to the Copa America 2024 cities.