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Your Guide to Buying Copa America 2024 Tickets

Folks, it’s finally upon us – Copa America 2024 tickets are now on sale! This isn’t just any old Copa America though – this is Copa America (USA’s Version). The tournament will be hosted at 14 different venues across the United States, with raucous crowds and obnoxious “It’s called soccer!” chants to be heard from New York (I mean, Jersey) to LA. Bring it on!!

As well as featuring 10 CONMEBOL (South American) teams, this year’s Copa America is being gatecrashed by six CONCACAF (North and Central American + the Caribbean) nations to round out what should be a fascinating 16-match tournament. 

So how can you catch the action? Well, you could sit on your couch and watch the games all alone in your living room, but you won’t be able to hear the thud of the ball, see who looks dialed in during warmups, or spend half your retirement fund on overpriced beers. To do all that (and so much more), you’ll need to get your hands on Copa America 2024 tickets. Here’s how. 

Ticket Categories at Copa America 2024

Unlike some large football events like the FIFA World Cup or Euro 2024 in Germany, Copa America’s tickets don’t have categories or tiers. The tickets aren’t sold through a specific ticket portal either – they’re just available through either Ticketmaster or SeatGeek. 

Even when you visit the official Copa America ticket site, you’ll be redirected to either Ticketmaster or SeatGeek (depending on the match venue) when you try to purchase tickets to a specific match. You can filter by price, seat quality, and accessibility, but there aren’t specific categories and tiers with consistent pricing. 

How Much are Copa America Tickets?

Because there aren’t ticket categories or tiers, ticket prices are extremely varied. Some matches aren’t sold out yet, which means some tickets can still be purchased for their original, face-value list price. You’ll see these marked as “Standard Ticket” on Ticketmaster. On SeatGeek, it doesn’t seem possible to distinguish original vs resale tickets. 

Pricing is all over the place. For some matches, the cheapest face-value tickets currently available start at $50. For others, the lowest price (for standard, non-resale tickets) is $85. For other matches that have already sold out (AKA all the Argentina matches), resale tickets currently START at $343. Yes, I said start! 

Plus, that’s not the actual price you’ll pay when you checkout, as platforms like Ticketmaster and SeatGeek add (often substantial) fees to your purchase. For example, you can buy a single nosebleed ticket for USA vs Uruguay at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO, for $85. But, once fees are added, the final price ends up being $113 – keep that in mind as you’re setting a budget for your trip

How To Buy Tickets for Copa America 2024

To begin your potentially poverty-inducing journey to Copa America tickets, start by visiting the official Copa America ticket page here. You’ll see at the top of the page you can view tickets by schedule, by host city, or by the country that’s competing. 

Once you find the match you’re looking for, you can hit the big blue “Get Tickets” button. Can’t miss it. You’ll be redirected to either Ticketmaster or SeatGeek, depending on the match you choose – it seems that different ticketing platforms have the rights to different venues. 

Both platforms allow you to view the stadium from overhead, check out the prices for different sections, and filter by price, seat, or “best deal.” You can then choose your tickets as you would for any other event.  There are also other platforms like Ticket-Compare that you can buy tickets last minute.

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When Do Copa America Tickets Go on Sale?

The official Copa America 2024 ticket release date was February 28th, so you’re good to go! Some matches have already sold out, with only resale tickets available. If you’re traveling for Copa America 2024, get your tickets locked in now while you still can! 

Is There a Ticket Resale for Copa America?

Nope. Unlike the FIFA World Cup or Euro 2024, there’s no official ticket resale window – some matches already have plenty of resale tickets already available. Others have standard tickets still available at face value. 

Where to Buy Tickets For Copa America 2024 

Tickets are available on both Ticketmaster and SeatGeek, but rather than searching for tickets there, I recommend starting at the Copa America website and finding your tickets there. This way, you know you’ve followed official links to get to the event – it’s just a bit safer (and when you’re potentially forking out $400 per ticket, safety is good). 

Tips for Buying Copa America Tickets 

I got my Copa America tickets locked in early, and here’s what I’ve learned from the experience, and from all the other times I’ve been frustrated trying to buy tickets when traveling for sports. 

Get in Early

Not all tickets to every match sold out on the first day, which is a good thing if you’re still on the hunt for tickets. At the moment, there are still standard (non-resale) tickets available to most matches, which is your best chance of making sure you don’t overpay for tickets. Resale tickets will inevitably cost you more, so get to booking before the prices are off the charts. 

Stay Safe and Avoid Scams

Ticket scams are real, and they suck. Imagine being excited for match day, getting a ridiculous wig in your team’s colors, painting your face, and then learning your ticket was fake when you tried to scan your way through the turnstiles. More devastating than a PK loss. 

The best way to protect yourself from scams is to buy directly from the source – start at the Copa America website and follow the links to the official ticket portals on SeatGeek or Ticketmaster. Even resale tickets here are almost completely safe, because they can’t be uploaded by a seller until they’ve actually been bought. 

That said, scams can still happen, especially for last-minute deals. Stay vigilant, don’t communicate with sellers directly, and never buy your tickets from places like Facebook Marketplace or, heaven forbid, Craigslist. 

Learn Your Stadium Layouts

If you’re an MLS fan or traveling for Copa America from further afield, you might be used to watching football/soccer matches in smaller stadiums. In some cases, smaller MLS stadiums are being used for Copa America matches, but in other cases, NFL stadiums are being used. Why does this matter? NFL stadiums are huge and you could end up a long, long way from the field. 

There can be a massive difference between your view from the 300 section in a smaller stadium like the 20,000-seat Q2 Arena in Austin, TX compared to the 80,000-seat AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. Your nosebleed tickets may seem like a great deal, but once you get to your seat, you might feel like you’re watching ants play football on the moon. 

If you’re buying tickets in an unfamiliar stadium, resources like A View From My Seat can help you get a clearer picture of what to expect. 

Read the Refund and Cancelation Policies

Make sure you’re familiar with the refund and cancelation policies of both Ticketmaster and SeatGeek, especially if you’re buying tickets but might need to resell them (which can happen if the group stages don’t play out as expected). Ticketmaster, for example, lets you resell tickets at your chosen price, but they take fees out of whatever your tickets sell for. 

A Note for Last-Minute Buyers

If you’re trying buy day-of (or close to it) tickets for a sold-out match, be extra careful. You’re more likely to fall for a scam, or end up with fake tickets. Stay alert, but don’t give up hope – some resale tickets become much cheaper on game day as sellers panic that their tickets won’t sell. 

If you’re ok living on the edge like that and not knowing whether you can actually go to the game until an hour before kick-off, go for it. I’m classically Type A and could never pull off such a crazy feat, but you go ahead. 

Copa America 2024 Ticket FAQ

Got more questions about traveling for soccer and securing your Copa America tickets? Here’s some more info about Copa America 2024 tickets and how to get yours. 

What Is the Copa America 2024 Ticket Transfer Policy?

Copa America itself doesn’t have a ticket transfer policy. Tickets are being sold through Ticketmaster and SeatGeek, which both have policies that allow you to transfer tickets to other people. This is convenient if you’re transferring tickets to friends or family members, or if you need to split your tickets up if your group isn’t all entering the stadium together.
However, if someone tries to sell you tickets by transferring them to you via these platforms, there’s no guarantee that they’re legit tickets. That’s why it’s best to purchase your tickets directly from SeatGeek or Ticketmaster.

Can You Resell Copa America 2024 Tickets?

You sure can. You can resell your SeatGeek tickets by uploading and listing them, but be aware that SeatGeek takes a 10% cut of whatever your tickets sell for – you might want to account for this in your listing price. You can also resell your Ticketmaster tickets – they’ll take 10-20% of the list price. 

Why Are Copa America 2024 Ticket Prices So High?

Ticket prices do seem high for Copa America, especially compared to other events like Euro 2024. I think in part it’s a sign of the growth that US soccer has seen over recent years, the Messi effect (especially when you see the prices of Argentina games vs all others), and the fact that events held in the US just always seem to be more expensive than everywhere else. 

Are Copa America 2024 Final Tickets On Sale?

No, not yet. You can buy Copa America semi-final tickets, and lock in your Copa America tickets to the third-place match, but Copa America final tickets aren’t available yet. According to the Copa America website, general sale for these tickets will start sometime in April. 

What’s the Cheapest Ticket at Copa America?

Because so many of the tickets currently available are re-sale, it’s hard to know which ticket is the cheapest at any given time (someone could technically list their ticket for $10). Of all the original, face-value tickets I saw, $50 for tickets to Paraguay vs a TBD qualifier at Q2 Stadium in Austin, TX were the cheapest. 

Secure Your Copa America 2024 Tickets Before Someone Else Does!

Hopefully, this Copa America 2024 tickets guide has given you all the info you need to lock in your seats. But remember, getting your tickets to Copa America 2024 is just the beginning! You’ll also need to plan your transport, accommodation, set a budget, and find some fun activities to do in the cities you’re visiting. 

There’s a lot to think about, but at Traveling for Sports, we make it easier! Use our detailed Copa America 2024 guides to find all the info you need. We’ve done all the research, so you can focus on what really matters – getting your Copa America tickets and joining the spectacle with tens of thousands of other screaming fans! See you there.