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Discovering Lodgings in Cologne for Euro 2024

Cologne, or Köln as it’s known to the locals, is Germany’s fourth most populous city. Most of those residents are already football-mad, but the city will be completely transformed from June 14th to July 14th, 2024, when Cologne becomes a host city for Euro 2024. Bring it on!

If you’re planning to travel to Cologne for Euro 2024, you’ll obviously need somewhere to stay. We’ve put together a guide to accommodation in Cologne for Euro 2024, complete with everything you need to know about Cologne’s role as a host city and where you should stay to have the best experience possible.

Where are Euro 2024 Matches Being Played in Cologne?

One stadium in Cologne is hosting Euro 2024 matches – Cologne Stadium. Normally the home of Bundesliga side 1. FC Köln, Cologne Stadium is one of the smaller Euro 2024 venues, with a capacity of just under 50,000. The stadium is located on the western side of Cologne, about 6km (almost 4 miles) and a 30-minute transit ride from the city center.

Which Date is Cologne Hosting Euro 2024 Matches?

Cologne Stadium is hosting four group stage matches of Euro 2024, as well as one round of 16 match:

  • Saturday, 15 June at 3 p.m.: Hungary vs. Switzerland
  • Wednesday 19 June at 9pm: Scotland v Switzerland
  • Saturday 22 June at 9pm: Belgium v Romania
  • Tuesday 25 June at 9pm: England v Slovenia
  • Sunday, 30 June at 9 p.m.: Round of 16

Are there Fan Zones in Cologne for Euro 2024?

Cologne Stadium isn’t the only place in Cologne where you can soak up the atmosphere of Euro 2024. There will be central locations within the city for dedicated fan zones, including a “Football Village” which is going to be set up in the Altstadt, or Old Town.

On the other side of the Rhine River, there’s even more action. Fans can gather for an amazing “Football Experience” around the Tanzbrunnen, a huge park and outdoor event space on the riverbank. There will be viewing areas, pitches set up for tournaments, and an incredible atmosphere to soak up.

What Types of Accommodation are Available in Cologne for Euro 2024?

cologne accommodation

If you’re traveling for Euro 2024 and visiting Cologne, where should you stay, and what types of accommodation are available? Whether you’re looking for a hotel or an Airbnb-style vacation rental, here are some of the best options for accommodation near Cologne Euro 2024 venues (including the fan zones)

Cologne Hotels for Euro 2024

When it comes to finding a hotel in Cologne for Euro 2024, you have a few decisions to make. Although some people like to find accommodation that’s close to the stadium, Cologne’s stadium is a fair way away from the action of the city itself, and is in a bit of a “dead zone.” That said, there are still a few options if you’d prefer to be within walking distance of the stadium, including:

If you’re looking for a quieter experience, and want to make it as easy as possible to get to your games, these are good options. However, if you want to soak up the best of what Cologne has to offer, or visit the fan zones when you’re not watching a game at the stadium, there are better options.

Along the Rhine River, and in the inner-western part of Cologne, there are a huge number of hotels to choose from, close to all the best restaurants, pubs, and sports bars the city has to offer. These options are situated on the western side of Cologne, near the Old Town football village fan zone:

At these venues, you’ll be close to all the best action in Cologne, a short walk from the fan zone, and around a 30-minute public transit ride or around a 20-minute drive from Cologne Stadium. You can also easily make your way over the Rhine River to the Tanzbrunnen, where the main fan zone will be in full swing.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Cologne for Euro 2024 and want to be closer to the Tanzbrunnen fan zone, there are hotels in that area as well:

  • The Radisson Blu, with modern rooms and great amenities
  • The Adina Apartment Hotel, with a large number of studio apartments

However, these are further away from the stadium (around a 30-minute drive or a 45-minute transit ride), and there are fewer restaurant and nightlife options on this side of the river.

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Vacation Rentals in Cologne for Euro 2024

If you’d prefer a house or apartment over a hotel, there are also a number of vacation rentals around Cologne to choose from. You can search these platforms for accommodation near Cologne Euro 2024 venues:

  • Airbnb, which tends to have the most options
  • Vrbo, which tends to focus on whole-home listings
  • 9flats, where you may find more budget-friendly options
  • Homestay, which gives you the option of staying with a host

If you’re traveling to a football game with a group of friends, vacation rentals can sometimes work out cheaper than booking multiple hotel rooms. However, there are restrictions in Germany around the number of days that owners can rent out their properties. This means that sometimes, owners request you to pay and communicate privately (outside of the official platform), which does leave you open to scams and limits your chances of a refund if anything goes wrong.

How to Save on Your Cologne Euro 2024 Accommodation

Let’s face it, it doesn’t take long for your Euro 2024 travel costs to start spiraling out of control. Between flights, tickets to the actual games, and accommodation, your wallet can be dry before you know it. To prevent premature bankruptcy, here are a few savvy tips to help you save on lodging for Euro 2024 in Cologne.

  • Book Your Euro 2024 Accommodation Well in Advance

Cologne will be bustling during Euro 2024, and securing accommodation early is crucial. As soon as your travel plans are confirmed, start searching for lodging options. Booking in advance not only guarantees better prices but also ensures a wider range of choices, from hotels to vacation rentals.

  • Check out Deals

Never settle for the first offer you come across! Explore different booking platforms, compare prices, and keep an eye out for discounts or special deals. You might even find hotels or rental properties that are offering exclusive rates or packages for Euro 2024. Signing up for newsletters or alerts from booking sites may also give you access to limited-time offers.

  • Explore Travel Packages

Depending on where you’re traveling from, packages that bundle accommodation with flights, tickets, transportation, or city tours can be worthwhile. These often give you cost savings compared to booking each part separately, and it’s usually less of a headache to plan! Look for reputable travel agencies or websites offering packages that suit your budget.

  • Book With Friends

Traveling with friends or fellow fans? Don’t book your accommodation separately! Splitting the cost among multiple people can significantly reduce expenses, and you might also end up with somewhere nicer and more spacious. Many properties offer discounts for group bookings, making it a win-win and leaving you all with some much-needed extra beer money.

More Accommodation Tips for Euro 2024 Cologne Travelers

Still have questions about staying in Cologne for Euro 2024? We have the answers! Here’s what else you need to know before setting foot in the cathedral city.

Accommodation Safety and Security – Cologne Euro 2024

Saving money is important, but staying safe is much more important. Cologne is relatively safe with a low crime rate, but it’s still a good idea to research different neighborhoods before booking your accommodation, just to make sure you’re in a safe, busy area. Many reviews for specific hotels mention the neighborhood itself, so be sure to check those out.

Also, book your accommodation from reputable platforms that verify properties and host identities. Look for certified hosts and properties with (preferably a lot of) positive reviews, with specific mention of safety and security. Verified listings help to reduce the chances of fraud or unsafe situations.

Although not specific for Cologne, you may want to look into travel insurance for your trip. If you’re traveling to multiple Euro 2024 venues, have several different flights, and accommodation in different parts of Germany, travel insurance could be a worthwhile investment for added peace of mind – just make sure you understand what’s covered and what’s not.

Accommodation Booking Resources – Cologne Euro 2024

As we get closer and closer to Euro 2024, there are more resources available to help make your accommodation booking a breeze. Here are some to bookmark as you plan your trip to Cologne:

  • Cologne Tourism, which has specific info for those traveling to the city for Euro 2024
  • The official UEFA Euro 2024 site, which has info on Cologne as well as its top attractions
  • This Euro 2024 fixtures list, to make sure you’re in the right city at the right time

As more people start to plan trips and book accommodation in Cologne for Euro 2024, online forums like Reddit also become more valuable, so be sure to search for any relevant threads.

Don’t Leave Your Euro 2024 Cologne Lodgings to the Last Minute!

Whether you need a hotel room for one, and plan on making new friends at the fan zone, or you and your buddies need a vacation rental that fits everyone, don’t snooze on your booking! Cologne accommodations are filling up quickly, and prices will only go in one direction from here.

Secure your accommodation before it’s too late, so you can focus all your energy on more important things, like cheering your team to becoming 2024 European Champions!