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Euro 2024 Dortmund: Culture, Fans, and Football Fiesta

Traveling for Euro 2024 transcends mere football spectating; it’s an enriching cultural journey that goes well beyond the stadium walls. If you’re planning to visit Dortmund during the tournament, this guide is designed to maximize your experience

In addition to details on the matches, stadium and ticketing, we’ve compiled essential information on fan zones and other places for connecting with fellow fans and soaking in the city’s vibe.

Let’s start with a brief overview of Dortmund, so you can better understand its significance and allure as a chosen host city for Euro 2024.

Dortmund: a City of Football

In the world of football, few cities match Dortmund’s passion and love for the game. It’s widely accepted among football aficionados that experiencing a Borussia Dortmund game is a bucket-list event. If you’re concerned that this intense passion might be diluted during an international event, rest assured, it won’t be.

While the stadium’s renowned “Yellow Wall,” a standing section that both overwhelms adversaries and captivates fans, isn’t used for international contests, Signal Iduna Park (formerly known as Westfalenstadion) continues to be an impressive site. The city’s spirit is steeped in football throughout the year.

Signal Iduna Park will host its third major tournament, Euro 2024, following the World Cups of 1974 and 2006. Those fortunate enough to have attended past tournaments at Europe’s seventh-largest stadium—Germany’s biggest—will vividly recount their memorable experiences,

In 1974, the venue saw four matches, including three that showcased the legendary Netherlands national team. The most notable match was the Netherlands’ 2-0 victory over the then-world champions Brazil

 In 2006, Signal Iduna Park hosted six matches. In the group stage, local fans witnessed their team defeat Poland 1-0. However, they were ultimately disappointed in the semi-finals when Germany was dramatically eliminated by Italy with a 2-0 loss, in one of the most memorable national team matches of recent decades.

This rich history and vibrant football culture make Dortmund not just a host city but a beacon for football lovers worldwide, eagerly anticipating the unique atmosphere Euro 2024 will bring to this iconic venue.

Euro 2024 Dortmund: Matches & Dates

What will be the next unforgettable international match in Dortmund? Here are the six contenders – the Euro 2024 matches to be held at Signal Iduna Park, including (at least) three teams that have previously won the tournament:

Italy vs. Albania: This opener on June 15 promises to showcase Italy’s prowess as the current European champions against an Albanian team eager to make an impact in their second Euro appearance. Despite Italy’s dominance in their past encounters, Albania’s surprising qualification toppling Czech Republic and Poland suggests they could deliver a spirited challenge.

Turkey vs. Play-off Winner Group C: On June 18, the Turkish team, supported by Germany’s significant Turkish community, will face an opponent yet to be determined. A potential matchup against Greece would be particularly compelling, given the historical and geographical rivalry.

Turkey vs. Portugal: The June 22 match pits Turkey against Portugal, the 2016 champions, in a game that will likely attract neutral fans. The prospect of witnessing Cristiano Ronaldo, in possibly his final Euro appearance, adds a layer of historical significance.

France vs. Play-off Winner Group A: France, with victories in 1984 and 2000, enters as a favorite. Their June 25 match could either be a showcase of their strengths or a crucial battle for knockout phase qualification, depending on their earlier group stage performance.

Round of 16 – Winner of Group A vs. Runner-up in Group C: Scheduled for June 29, this match could potentially feature Germany, leveraging home advantage, against a strong contender like Denmark or Serbia, setting the stage for a high-stakes showdown.

Semi-final: The July 10 semi-final, regardless of the teams, will be a historic event. The high stakes and the allure of a spot in the final will ensure an electric atmosphere in Dortmund.

Among these, the match that stands to be particularly unforgettable could be Turkey vs. Portugal, given Ronaldo’s star power and the high stakes involved. However, the semi-final promises to be a monumental event, capturing the essence of European football in one of the continent’s most passionate football cities.

UEFA Euro 2024 Dortmund Tickets

With most group stage tickets already distributed via UEFA’s draws, options are narrowing.

If you’re rooting for a team in Playoff Groups A or C, with playoffs scheduled for March 16-21, keep an eye out for additional ticket sales following their qualification. Prior to this, UEFA plans to open an official Resale Platform in March (exact date TBD), offering a chance to buy tickets from others for games in Dortmund or elsewhere for Euro 2024.

Tickets for knockout stage games will become available for qualifying teams fans as the tournament progresses.

Also, consider these alternatives:

Third-party Sites: The secondary market is bustling with Euro 2024 tickets. While this route might provide an opportunity to secure a ticket, it’s essential to proceed with caution due to the risk of inflated prices and potential ticket scams.

Fan Clubs: National team fan clubs often allocate tickets for their members. Joining costs money and doesn’t necessarily guarantee tickets, but for dedicated fans, this could be a viable option.

UEFA Hospitality Packages: You can ease the process by purchasing a package that includes a ticket (for a single match, all matches in a particular city, all matches of a specific team, or for the semi-finals + final) and various luxuries. It’s a wonderful experience, but the price reflects that.

The selection of seats and the competition phase significantly influence the price. Group stage tickets cost between €30 and €200, based on the seating arrangement. For the Round of 16, ticket prices range from €50 to €250. Meanwhile, tickets for the semi-finals are available from €80 up to €600, and for the final – from €95 up to €1000.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Euro 2024 tickets, visit UEFA’s official website.

Information about Signal Iduna Park

Constructed for the 1974 World Cup, the Dortmund stadium has since been a venue for numerous prestigious matches. This includes the 2001 UEFA Cup final, where Liverpool won against Alavés.

Signal Iduna Park, since its establishment, has been subject to multiple upgrades, enhancing its capacity. Presently, it can house 65,829 fans for international games.

Gates at the stadium will swing open three hours prior to the start of each Euro 2024 match. To fully experience the pre-match ambiance, amenities, and locate your seating area efficiently, it’s advisable to arrive as the gates open.

Arriving at the stadium by car is not recommended on match days due to the very limited parking availability. Dortmund public transportation is very convenient.

The Dortmund Stadtbahn, with lines U42, U45, and U46, and Deutsche Bahn’s trains, offer easy access to Signal Iduna Park. ICE and IC trains connect major cities to Dortmund, from where regional or underground lines lead to the stadium. A shuttle and train RB59 from Dortmund Airport also offer direct access

Without a ticket to the match, there’s no reason to head to the stadium. Instead, make your way to one of UEFA’s fan zones..

Euro 2024 Dortmund fan zones

During Euro 2024, Dortmund will host both a fan zone and a public viewing area. These areas are conveniently situated within walking distance of each other in a stunning central part of the city. 

Apart from live game broadcasts on large screens, these spots will offer a plethora of attractions and activities, some suitable for families and children. It’s important to note that entry to both areas is free.

Fan Zone (Friedensplatz) – Offers football fans special activities and competitions, gaming and table football tournaments, live music, and other forms of entertainment, with the main attraction being the broadcast of all tournament matches.

Public Viewing Area (Westfalenpark) – offers a vibrant gathering space to connect with a diverse fanbase, and watch the matches held in Dortmund, the German national team’s games, the final, and possibly additional matches. Adding to the excitement, concerts are scheduled for July 12 and 13, setting the stage for the tournament’s climax.

Other Fan Meetups

While the Euro 2024 fan zones are undeniably fantastic venues to experience the tournament’s atmosphere, one cannot spend every hour of the day there.

For those moments in between matches, or when you’re simply in the mood for a change of scenery, you can join other fans at the many pubs and restaurants located in the same area or encounter them in the streets of Dortmund.

If you prefer not to leave these gatherings to chance, keep an eye out for fan meetups on social media, Reddit, and similar platforms.

Upon your arrival in Dortmund, engaging with locals and asking around can lead you to discover parties and special events Euro 2024 Dortmund organized by local venues. These events are perfect places to mingle with fellow supporters. 

Special Deals for Fans in Dortmund

Euro 2024 ticket holders are privileged with discounts on national and international train travel, including a 36-Hour Travel Pass for local transport. To organize your journey, the DB Website or the Manchester MadridDB Navigator App offer comprehensive transportation options.

Your DB Ticket EURO 2024 grants you seamless travel between host cities on long-distance trains like the IC (InterCity), ICE (InterCity Express), and EC (EuroCity), suitable for direct routes.

For those arriving from abroad or travelling within Germany, the Interrail Pass EURO 2024 is designed for extended journeys on IC, ICE, or EC trains, facilitating your domestic and international travel needs.

On match day and the day after, the 36 Hour Travel Pass enables access to local and regional transport services. For trips connecting Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, and Gelsenkirchen that exclude ICE, IC, or EC trains, the 36 Hour Travel Pass is all you need.

Euro 2024 official merchandise

A journey to Euro 2024 is indeed an unforgettable experience, and while photos and videos will help you preserve those memories, acquiring a physical keepsake from the event can be a cherished memento for you or a thoughtful present for someone special.

An extensive selection of memorabilia and merchandise awaits in both the fan zones and the stadium (on game days). This includes official tournament t-shirts, mascot figurines, team-themed scarves, and more.

Beyond UEFA’s official merchandise, various shops and vendors scattered across the city are expected to offer an expansive array of items connected to the tournament, Borussia Dortmund, and the broader football culture.

Euro 2024 Host City Dortmund – Here it Comes

With all the information provided here, your excitement about arriving in Dortmund to partake in the Euro 2024 festivities is likely even heightened..The final steps involve ensuring you have tickets, flights, and hotel accommodations in place, and planning the last details of this wonderful experience that is quickly approaching. Remember to also consider the local culture, landmarks, and culinary delights Dortmund has to offer.