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England Fans: Plan Your Three Lions Euro 2024 Trip Here

Hey there, England fans! Whether or not you’ve recovered from the drama of the Euro 2020 final, it’s time to prepare for the next installment! Can England finally take it one step further and bring home a trophy? And perhaps more pertinently, have they been practicing their PKs? 

Regardless, if you plan to follow England around Germany on their quest for glory at Euro 2024, it’s time to start planning. Here’s everything you need to know about being an England fan at Euro 2024 in Deutschland. 

Euro 2024 England Matches: Dates and Locations

The Three Lions, like every Euro 2024 team, will play three group-stage games. England (with a current FIFA ranking of 3) are Group C, along with Denmark (19), Serbia (34), and Slovenia (54). While England are expected to top the group, we all know that doesn’t mean much just yet. Here’s where you can catch England’s matches.

July 7 2024 Update

After the match with Switzerland, England got the change to play at Semi Final on July 10 2024. The match will be very excited as the both teams are very strong and successful.

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Group Stage Match #1: vs Serbia at Gelsenkirchen, June 16th, 21:00

England kicks off Euro 2024 in Gelsenkirchen, with a match against Serbia on June 16th at 21:00 local time (remembering that Germany is one hour ahead of the UK). The game will be played at VELTINS-Arena, also known as Arena AufSchalke, home of 2. Bundesliga side FC Schalke 04. 

Group Stage Match #2: vs Denmark at Frankfurt, June 20th, 18:00

England then travel south to Frankfurt for their second group-stage showdown against Denmark, who had somewhat of a fairytale run in Euro 2020 after that haunting Christian Eriksen incident. This match will be held at Stadium Deutsche Bank Park (known as Frankfurt Arena for Euro 2024), home of Eintracht Frankfurt. 

Group Stage Match #3: vs Slovenia at Cologne, June 25th, 21:00

England then returns north to Cologne for their final group-stage match against Slovenia. This one will be held at RheinEnergieSTADION (or “Cologne Stadium” during Euro 2024), home of Bundesliga team 1. FC Köln. 

If England Tops Their Group

Without unleashing any jinxes, let’s take a look at what would happen if England top their group. Should the Three Lions finish first in Group C, they’ll play the best third-placed team in either Group D, E, or F. It’s a bit too hard to predict who that could be right now. 

This round-of-16 match will be played at Gelsenkirchen, where England played their very first match. It’s scheduled for Sunday, June 30th, at 18:00. Were England to win, they’d make their way to the quarterfinals where they would play in Düsseldorf on Saturday, July 6th at 18:00. 

If England Finish Second 

If the group stage doesn’t go entirely as planned and England finishes second, their round-of-16 match will be against whoever tops Group A. Heads up: this could mean a showdown with hosts Germany! This match is slated for Saturday, June 29th at 21:00 in Dortmund

Other Scenarios

If England finish third in Group C, there’s still a chance they can make the round of 16. If they finish with a better record than the teams finishing third in Groups A, B, or D, they may sneak through and play whoever tops Group E or F, in either Frankfurt or Munich. 

Transport Tips for England Fans at Euro 2024

So, with all those scenarios in mind, let’s talk travel plans! If you haven’t booked your flights yet, it’s time to get on it. If you’re on a budget, it’s also a pretty easy Eurostar train ride, especially considering you wouldn’t have to deal with the drama of flying out of Heathrow or Gatwick in the middle of summer. Take a look at this book about travel in Europe by train.

Booking Flights From England for Euro 2024

If you do plan on flying, first of all check the airline miles and points for Euro 2024. Then think about how much you want to spend on this. it’ll take less than 2 hours in the air, but the airport time will turn it into more like a 5-6 hour journey. The train takes around 4 hours (2 hours to Brussels, then another 2 to Cologne), so in terms of travel time, there’s not a lot of difference. Compare the difference in cost between flying vs taking the train and see what works for you. 

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Traveling Within Germany for Euro 2024

Within Germany, you can easily take the train between cities, and within cities there’s an underground rail system similar to the one in London. Public transit throughout Germany is pretty easy to navigate, and all stadiums are easily accessible from train stations and bus stops. 

Accommodation Tips for England Supporters at Euro 2024

When it comes to booking your accommodation for Euro 2024, there’s a bit more to think about. As well as deciding where to base yourself (which I’ll get to in a second), you also need to think about the type of accommodation you’re looking for. 

If you’re traveling solo, I recommend a hotel room. It usually works out cheaper than a holiday rental, there are plenty of options to choose from, and it gives you a nice, central location in the city for sightseeing and hitting up the best restaurants. 

If you have a larger group, a vacation rental like an Airbnb might be a better option. It’s usually cheaper to pay for one property vs several hotel rooms, and you’ll have more space to spread out. You can also cook your own meals and save money on dining out. If you’re really on a budget (and feeling adventurous), you can even try camping in Germany for Euro 2024!

Where Should England Fans Stay for Euro 2024?

If you look at England’s schedule, they’re in Gelsenkirchen, then around 2.5 hours south in Frankfurt, then back up to Cologne, which is around 1.5 hours from Frankfurt and 1 hour from Gelsenkirchen, where England play their first game and potentially their round-of-16 game. 

Based on this, staying in Cologne, Essen/Gelsenkirchen, or Düsseldorf gives you a nice central location and would make your transport to each match around an hour, apart from the Frankfurt match which would be a bit further away, but still a manageable day trip.

Where to Stay in Cologne

Cologne is a beautiful city with plenty to see and do – this is a great spot to make your base during Euro 2024. Here’s our guide to accommodation in Cologne for Euro 2024

Where to Stay in Essen/Gelsenkirchen

While there are accommodation options in Gelsenkirchen, you might be better off searching in Essen. It’s a larger city, only 10 minutes away, and has more places to stay, more restaurants, and more activities for when you’re in tourist mode. Motel one is a great option, or this is a more budget-friendly alternative

Where to Stay in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf and Cologne are both probably better options than the Essen/Gelsenkirchen area – they’re just bigger cities with more to do and see. In Düsseldorf, you won’t find a better option than the charming Lady Astor. If you have cash to splash, the Breidenbacher Hof Düsseldorf is a great luxury option. 

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Make Sure You Check Out the Euro 2024 Fan Zones! 

I always recommend staying in the city center rather than near the stadium itself, as stadiums are often on the city’s outskirts where there’s less to see and do, leaving you somewhat isolated. For Euro 2024, though, there’s another option – staying near the Fan Zones. 

In each host city, UEFA is organizing dedicated Euro 2024 Fan Zones, where you can watch all the games for free along with other fans, food, drinks, activities, and so much more. These are a hub of action, and so much fun when you’re not at a live game. Check out where the Fan Zones are in each city and factor this into your accommodation planning. 

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How do I get Tickets for England Games at Euro 2024?

Getting tickets to any large sporting event is always stressful and difficult, and unfortunately Euro 2024 doesn’t look any different. There are three main ways to secure tickets to see England at Euro 2024, which I’ll break down next. 

UEFA Ticket Sales for Euro 2024 England Matches

UEFA had official portals for group-stage tickets, but these have now closed. If you applied for tickets in the December 2023 window, you’ll know by now whether or not you were successful. Tickets for the knockout stages will be available later during the tournament, once those fixtures become more clear. 

England Football Tickets for Euro 2024

Although the UEFA ticket portal has closed, tickets have also been made available through each qualifying country’s federation. However, according to England Football, those tickets are now no longer available, as demand was sky-high for Three Lions fans. 

Last Chance for Official Re-Sale: UEFA’s Resale Portal for Euro 2024

If you didn’t secure tickets for Euro 2024 through UEFA or England Football, you have one more chance to get your hands on tickets – the UEFA resale portal. This is designed for fans who secured tickets initially but now need to re-sell them, and will open sometime in spring 2024. 

While tickets may also be available on third-party sites like Ticketmaster, these come with an inherent level of risk. UEFA doesn’t police these tickets, and you may leave yourself open to scams and scalpers – be extra careful if you’re looking to purchase tickets from these sites. 

Tips for England Fans Traveling to Germany For Euro 2024

As you start packing your bags and preparing for your trip, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Bring cash, as it’s still more widely used in Germany than the UK
  • Don’t expect stores to be open on Sundays 
  • If you’re planning on driving, remember that you’ll be on the other side of the road
  • Tipping at restaurants and pubs is appreciated but not mandatory 
  • People may be very direct with you – be prepared!
  • Jaywalking is much more frowned upon than in the UK 
  • Most people prefer eating outside at restaurants if it’s not raining 

You’ll find most locals will speak English, but don’t be afraid to test out your German! 

Germany Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing Activities

Sure, you’re in Germany for Euro 2024, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have time for sightseeing and exploring! Here are some ideas for what to do in Germany when you’re not in the stands screaming your lungs out. 

Don’t Miss These Sights!

Given that England fans will most likely be spending their time around Cologne and Düsseldorf, here are the best sights and attractions in those areas: 

  • Explore Cologne’s many galleries, including the world-famous Galerie Bucholz
  • Check out the UNESCO world-heritage listed Cologne Cathedral
  • Stroll around Cologne’s historic Old Town and the beautiful Rhine River
  • Walk through the stores and restaurants in Düsseldorf’s picturesque Königsallee
  • See beautiful views of Düsseldorf from the Rheinturm tower

And of course, make sure you set aside some time to spend in great city attractions in Cologne and Düsseldorf’s beautiful beer gardens… 

Or These Foods!

Germany isn’t traditionally known for its cuisine, but there are some dishes you really should try during your stay, including: 

  • Schweinshaxe: Pork knuckle with bacon, mashed potatoes, and sauerkraut
  • Halve Hahn: A rye bread roll with Gouda cheese, onions, and mustard
  • Himmel und Erde: Mashed potato and apples with blood sausage and roast onions

Also, don’t sleep on the beer! Cologne is famous for its incredible Kolsch, while Düsseldorf’s Altbier is a delicious amber brew. 

Where to Get Your Euro 2024 News and Updates 

As the tournament inches closer, here’s how to stay up to date on all the latest developments: 

… Is Football Coming Home? Find Out at Euro 2024!

Is this finally England’s year? Can Harry Kane bring his scintillating Bayern form to the big stage? Will Southgate finally see the light and play TAA in midfield? Is football actually, finally, truly coming home? We’ll find out soon enough. In the meantime, start packing your bags and booking those hotels – Euro 2024 is not one to miss!