AC Milan Matchday Experience at San Siro

The San Siro is a truly iconic football stadium. 

I remember first seeing the San Siro and those huge spiral staircases outside, the steep terraces hosting over 80,000 football fans and the angular steel structure on the roof and feeling weak at the knees. 

If you, like me, grew up watching Italian football in the 90’s then a visit to the San Siro to watch AC Milan is almost a religious experience! This is the stadium in which football legends like Baresi, Desailly, Costacurta, Baggio, Van Basten, Gullit and Schevchenko played. The list of greats who have played for I Rossoneri (the red and blacks) is endless. 

A Bit about Stadiums

Before I get too far into the article, I should clarify the stadium is officially called the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, it’s named after one of the most successful Italian football players and coaches: Two-time world champion Giuseppe Meazza. However, any sports traveler is likely to know the stadium simply as the San Siro. 

Now is the time to travel to Milan to watch an AC Milan game. There is talk that AC Milan and Inter Milan, who share the San Siro, are planning to move to new stadiums.  The San Siro was due to be demolished in 2026 to make way for a modern area, which is a terrifying thought. Thankfully the local authorities have seen sense and the stadium will be maintained. 

So, check the fixtures and start to plan your trip to AC Milan for the next season. I’ve been to watch AC Milan three times now and this guide will give you my tips to make sure you have a fantastic experience. 

How do I buy tickets for AC Milan

Buying tickets for AC Milan is surprisingly easy. Tickets are available from the official club website. Every time I have been I have bought the tickets easily online from Vivaticket. A lot of Italian clubs use Vivaticket, so it’s helpful for sports travellers to use one website and login to buy tickets for different teams. 

Tickets usually go on sale two weeks before a match, although sometimes it can be a week before tickets are available. Also, don’t be surprised if the kick off time gets changed at short notice, this isn’t unusual in Italy. 

For most AC Milan Serie A games it’s even possible to buy a ticket on matchday from the ticket offices outside the San Siro. But for big European fixtures and especially the “Derby della Madonnina” against Inter Milan, you’ll need to buy a ticket in advance. 

Prices can be surprisingly cheap for such a big club. The last time I went I paid 16 Euros for a ticket in the “Terzo Rosso Centrale”. Tickets in this section now start at €20 ($20) for a Serie A fixture against one of the smaller teams. I would definitely recommend this section. If you like to travel to sports events and want to take lots of photos of your trip to the San Siro then I advise not buying a ticket for the Curva Sud, where the AC Milan ultras are located as they don’t like to be filmed.

If you buy a ticket for the top tier of the stadium then make sure you are feeling fit and maybe do some warm up exercises before, it’a long walk up! 

Where should I stay near the San Siro?

B&B Hotel Milano San Siro

This hotel is a long goal kick away from the San Siro which makes it perfect for a trip to an AC Milan game, especially if you’re attending an evening game. There’s a metro station nearby and visitors have reported a clean and comfortable hotel with a good breakfast. Many of the rooms have a view of the stadium. 

ibis Milano Centro

Whenever I’m in Milan I tend to stay near the main train station. Hotels here are convenient for traveling to the airport and also to visit other cities. This hotel is really good value for the location, there are two transport stops nearby and it’s not far to the shopping heaven of the Corso Buenos Aires and the lively area around the Porta Venezia.

Sheraton Milan San Siro

The Sheraton Milan San Siro is a luxury hotel near the San Siro. It includes an Argentinian restaurant that serves great steaks and red wine. There’s also 2 bars, a poolside bar and a 24-hour fitness center. Sounds good to me!

How do I get to the San Siro?

The San Siro stadium is about 6 km away from the centre of Milan and is easily reachable in various ways. I always take the subway Line M5 to the, San Siro Stadio stop (not an easy thing to say!) Once you walk out the subway the San Siro suddenly appears like a kind of spaceship. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the stadium as the metro does get very busy. 

This being Italy a lot of the locals get to the games by scooter. So prepare to dodge past speeding scooters when you’re crossing the roads near the San Siro. 

I’ve walked to the ground a couple of times from other parts of the city and it’s eery how the stadium seems to hide. However, as soon as you near the stadium the sight of the circular staircases and the protruding roof means you know you’re in the right place! 

Stadium Experience and Amenities Guide

Where to eat and drink near the San Siro?

On a matchday there are lots of places selling fried food directly outside of the San Siro. On offer are classic Italian football foods, like paninis (sandwiches) and hot dogs. For the full football experience I recommend grabbing something to eat from one of the sellers and watching the AC Milan tifosi arrive. 

If you want something a bit different, i.e. not grilled, fatty football fan food then head to the area Piazzale Lorenzo Lotto nearby and you’ll find plenty of restaurants. 

I’ve also heard good things about the Old Tenconi Pub not far from the San Siro metro station. It’s a bar covered in football scarves and shirts and has a view of the San Siro from the tables outside. What’s not to like?!

Does AC Milan have a museum at the San Siro?

There is a San Siro Museum at the stadium. It features exhibits from AC Milan and San Siro. 

There’s a tremendous selection of shirts from players who have played on the hallowed turf at San Siro, including David Beckham, Maradona and Leo Messi. There’s a fair chance that there’s a shirt from your team in the San Siro museum. 

Can you do a stadium tour at the San Siro?

Yes, and I really recommend it.

The highlight for me was being able to stand pitchside and look at the pitch where all the greats of world football have played. The pitch is also the scene of some of my earliest football memories from Italia 90. 

The stadium tour takes you through the San Siro Museum, which includes many shirts from AC Milan players. You then get to go in the changing rooms of both AC Milan and Inter. 

At the end of the stadium Tour you get the added bonus of an exhibition entirely dedicated to the Italian National Football Team.

The tour is quite expensive, €30 for adults, but it’s the San Siro! The tour is money well spent! Full details are available here.

Does AC Milan have a fan shop at the San Siro?

Yes, there is a shop near Gate 14 of the San Siro and it’s open daily from daily 10:00 until 19:00. The shop is shared with Inter Milan. 

On match days there are lots of stalls around the ground selling a huge range of AC Milan merchandise. I’m pretty certain most of it is not official so be careful when buying something. 

Stadium Hacks and Good to know tips

Stadium Hacks and Good to know tips


Ok, this is a delicate subject but important information. The toilets at the San Siro have not been modernised for a very long time! Let’s just say you should only use them in a real emergency. Trust me. 

Fan Graffiti

If you’re a keen sports traveler like me you might like to take pictures of the grafittis created by fans near the stadium. Well, the San Siro is not the place to find AC Milan graffiti. The area around the stadium is relatively clean as the AC and Inter fans both agreed not to graffiti around the San Siro. 

What food and drinks are available inside the San Siro?

Let’s just say Italy isn’t great at food and drink inside stadiums. There are very few places offering food and drink inside the San Siro. On the concourses you will find some tables selling food and drinks but this tends to be basic stuff like crisps and bottles of coke and beer. It’s best to make sure you’ve had something good to eat before you go to the San Siro because it’s not renowned for it’s culinary offerings!

Other Sports Teams in Milan

Football – Inter Milan

If you’re reading this article then I’m sure you’re well aware that Milan has two of Europe’s best football teams. AC Milan’s city rivals, Inter Milan are current Serie A Champions. 

Inter fans occupy the Curva Nord of the San Siro and tickets are easy to buy via the official club website or from Vivaticket

This means whenever you are traveling for sports to Milan there’s very likely to be a game on at this iconic stadium. 

Basketball – Olimpia Milano 

The Mediolanum Forum is home to Italy’s most successful basketball club, Olimpia Milano, who have won the Italian Championship 29 times!  Olimpia is where Danilo Gallinari rose to fame before he joined the NBA. 

The arena seemingly has an event on for sports travellers, it’s also hosted major events, including the World Ice Hockey Championships, WWE events, Euroleague Finals, World Amateur Boxing Championships, and La Grande Sfida women’s tennis. It is also set to host figure skating at the 2026 Winter Olympics. 

Where else should sports fans visit in Milan?

Arena Civica

On my last trip to Milan I managed to sneak inside this glorious football stadium. 

The stadium was opened in 1807 when Napoleon was King of Italy and decided Milan needed a new venue to showcase its status as a city. 

The stadium architecture is spectacular with huge stone terraces and ornate porticoes. very grand, the whole stadium being inspired by the Circus Maximus in Rome. 

Both Milan clubs have played in the Arena Civica, but it’s most closely connected with Inter Miilan who played here between 1930 and 1947 and it’s where they celebrated some of their early trophies.

Inter Milan’s women’s team played in the Arena Civica in the 2023/24 season. 

How to dress like a local

There are not many more iconic shirt styles than the classic red and black stripes of AC Milan, so why not use your trip to the San Siro to treat yourself to the latest shirt. 

I’m a big fan of this t-shirt. It’s got a real classic and understated look and is currently available for a great price.

In Conclusion: Now is the time to visit the San Siro

What will happen to the San Siro after AC Milan and Inter Milan leaves is unclear. 

It really is time to start planning your trip now. In this article we’ve shown how simple it is to get a ticket for a game at the San Siro, how to snack like an AC Milan tifosi and the absolute joy that is the San Siro Museum. 

Really, I can’t emphasize this enough – start planning a trip to the San Siro!