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France National Football Team Fans Traveling to Germany for Euro 2024

Euro 2024 got off to a great start for Les Blues with a 1-0 win over Austria in Dusseldorf. Thousands of fans gathered on the banks of the river Rhine and cheered their team on to an important victory. 

We’ve crafted a series of sports travel guides according to where you come from and who you support. We will cover the logistics part of the trip and the cultural side that is often overlooked but could be the difference between a good and a great trip.

Here’s what is included in this travel guide for French fans in Euro 2024:

France at the 2024 Euros

Group D

  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Poland

France Matches Euro 2024 Schedule

France vs. Austria17 JuneDüsseldorfMerkur Spiel Park
France vs. Netherlands21 JuneLeipzigRed Bull Arena
France vs. Poland25 JuneDortmundSignal Iduna Park
Round of 16*2 JulyLeipzigRed Bull Arena
Quarter-Finals**6 JulyBerlinOlympiastadion
Semi-Finals**10 JulyDortmundSignal Iduna Park
Final**14 JulyBerlinOlympiastadion

*Assuming France qualifies as 1st in its group

** Assuming France advances

Buying Tickets to France’s Euro 2024 matches

Ah yes, tickets! One of the most important parts of your Euro 2024 adventure. Securing tickets to Euro 2024 games isn’t easy, as you may have already

Even now, with the tournament underway you can still buy some tickets for some matches via the official UEFA ticketing website. It’s worth checking regularly, especially for the games in the later stages when teams have been knocked out and their fans head home. You can also buy tickets from the Ticket Compare website.


France’s round-of-16 match could very well take place in Leipzig, so consider skipping the Dortmund match and staying for the team’s playoff clash.

Fan Zones for French Supporters in Euro 2024 Host Cities




Tournament Outlook

France arrives in the 2024 Euros as a co-favorite for the title together with England. After all, in the last three World Cup tournaments, they reached the Final twice (2014 to Portugal, 2022/3 to Argentina) and won it all once (2018, over Belgium). And after losing to Argentina in such dramatic fashion, Mbappe and his guys are poised to redeem themselves with their first Euros title since the wonderful 2000 team led by Zidane and Thierry Henry.  France look like they should qualify for the later stages of the tournament. They beat the Netherlands in qualifying and Austria and Poland shouldn’t pose major threats to Les Blues.

In any case, here we will focus on France’s Group Stage destinations – Düsseldorf, Leipzig, and Dortmund – and look at what they offer to the French Fans in Euro 2024.

Host Cities of France’s Euro 2024 Group Stage Matches

  • Düsseldorf

The host city of France’s first Euro 2024 match is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous state in Germany. It’s a gem of a city and not without merit it is nicknamed “Little Venice” for its canals and “Little Paris” for its beauty and chic. It’s located in the western part of Germany, not far from the border with the Netherlands.

  • Leipzig

The second and arguably most interesting game against the Netherlands will take place in Leipzig, located some 500 km east of Düsseldorf. The second most populous city in what was East Germany has developed into a hip urban center, earning the nickname “The New Berlin.”

  • Dortmund

With industrial roots, a modern look and a dominant football atmosphere, Dortmund offers a change of scenery from the more historic nature of the other two cities in this guide. Also, the Borussia Dortmund football club is king here, and the black and yellow combination appears everywhere.

So, if you want to follow Les Bleus through all their games, you will need to get to Düsseldorf, travel to Leipzig, and then “travel back” to Dortmund.


France’s round-of-16 match could very well take place in Leipzig, so consider skipping the Dortmund match and staying for the team’s playoff clash.


Traveling from France to Germany

  • By flight

All three host cities have airports. Düsseldorf will be the most convenient destination, having the fourth busiest airport in the country. There are direct flights to the three German cities that host France’s games from most of the major cities in France.

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  • By Train

As of now, the only direct train from France to Düsseldorf is the Eurostar, which departs from Paris’ Gard-du-Nord and arrives after about four hours at Düsseldorf’s main train station. Non-direct trains from Paris to Düsseldorf take between 5 and 7 hours.

All other major French cities offer indirect rides that take between 6 and 14 hours, depending on your location and the number of changes. 


As the tournament approaches, there could be an increase in train frequency and added routes to accommodate the travelers from France to the Euro 2024, so make sure to stay updated.

  • By Car

If you are a fan of driving, a road trip to the Euro 2024 could be fun. Here is what awaits you:

  • Paris to Düsseldorf: 5h30
  • Lyon to Düsseldorf: 8h
  • Marseille to Düsseldorf: 11h
  • Bordeaux to Düsseldorf: 11h
  • Paris to Leipzig: 10h
  • Lyon to Leipzig: 11h
  • Marseille to Leipzig: 14h
  • Bordeaux to Leipzig: 16h

Transportation around Germany

The best way to travel between cities in Germany is by train. It’s often faster than by car.

The train ride between Düsseldorf and Leipzig takes between 4h30 and 6h30, depending on the route and the number of changes. This is also the time it will take you to go from Leipzig to Dortmund.

Transport in the Cities

Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Leipzig all have excellent networks of public transportation that include city railways (U-Bahn), suburban trains (S-Bahn), trams, and buses. In each of the cities, you can travel in all these modes with one ticket.

The best and cheapest way to use public transport in Düsseldorf is by buying a Welcome Card that covers all modes per how many days you want. Find transportation Welcome Card →üsseldorfcard-classic.

Dortmund features an underground system on top of the bus and tram system. For tickets and information: and 

Accommodation in Host Cities

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Best Places to Stay in Düsseldorf for Every Budget

High End

Located in the heart of Düsseldorf, on the exclusive shopping street, Königsallee (more on it later on), this 5-star hotel is very classy and offers a gym and spa.

Budget Friendly

When you’re on a budget, something’s got to give, and in the case of the Seven niu Hotel, it’s location. Situated a 50-minute public transport ride from the stadium in the southeastern part of Düsseldorf, this nice little hotel makes up for it by offering a comfortable and clean stay and friendly staff at an affordable price. 

Offering a special room for allergic people and a sauna in its wellness center, this budget-friendly hotel is located in the Stadtmitte quarter, which is in the city’s center. 

  • Apartment rentals:

Renting an apartment is a good option if you want to lower your spending, and Dusselsorf offers plenty of options. Among them are Privatzimmer Schönfelder and Forty-Three Luxury Serviced Apartments.

Best Places to Stay in Leipzig for Every Budget

High End

This 5-star hotel located in the heart of Leipzig is a half-hour walk from the Red Bull Arena stadium.

Budget Friendly

  • Hotel Berlin

Located a bit east of the city’s center, but only a 35-minute railway ride from the stadium, this 3-star hotel offers a family-friendly environment and helpful amenities.

Best Places to Stay in Dortmund for Every Budget

High End

  • Mercure Hotel Dortmund Messe

The Mercure Hotel is the closest to the stadium, a 9-minute walk from Signal Iduna Park. So, if distance is a priority, you should go ahead and book a room here today, as it is bound to fill up fast.


  • Kreuzviertel Westfalenhalle

Located in the cool Kreuzviertel district, this Airbnb is a fantastic option for those looking to save money while enjoying the best of Dortmund’s culture and nightlife.

For more staying options in town, check out our post listing the best accommodation options in Dortmund (link to article)

Essential Activities in Germany for the French Tourist

  • Biergarten – a brasserie in the open-air

Meaning “Beer Garden,” it’s the German version of the French brasserie, only you sit in the open air. Since beer for Germans is what wine is for the French, go explore the rich drinking culture in each city you visit. It will open new horizons and make you feel closer to the locals.

  • Find the best German Sausage

Sausage, or wurst, is the national food in Germany, and there are some 1,200 types of sausages in Germany, each with its own local particularities and taste. Check out each city’s local sausage and choose the tastiest wurst of them all.

Here are the local wursts in the France host cities of the Euro 2024:

  • Düsseldorf:
    • Blutwurst, or blood sausage
    • Climb up the Rheinturm
    • Eat & Sing at the Japanese Quarter
    • You can also hop on a karaoke bus and start singing your favorite tunes as you tour around the city. 
  • Leipzig:
    • Leberwurst, or liver sausage
    • Marktplatz – Leipzig’s “Market Square” is the perfect place to start your tour of the town. Surrounded by 16th-century-styled buildings, many of the city’s best attractions are a few steps away. You can go shopping at the Specks Hof Passage, visit the beautiful St. Nicholas church, explore the history of coffee at ​​L’Arabischen Coffe Baum, and other activities.
    • Panaroma Tower: Enjoy the beautiful view atop this 36-story skyscraper that stands 142 meters tall. Try to get there at sunset for an enhanced experience and visit the 30th-floor restaurant if you’re looking to have a romantic dinner.
  • Dortmund:
    • Aachener Weihnachs-Leberwurst – a regional version of the leberwurst, served with cream
    • Borusseum & German Football Museum
    • Explore the city’s industrial past

How 2024 Euro French Travelers Can Avoid Culture Clash in Germany 

Say goodbye to awkwardness by being aware of the locals’ unwritten rules and customs: 

  • Remember to Tip: In France, it’s a lot less customary to tip at restaurants, as the price includes service, but in Germany, a 5% to 10% tip is the norm.
  • No Kissing… Hello: It’s not accustomed to kiss when meeting people you are not intimate with; a handshake is enough.

Great Online Sources for Travelers from France

In Summary

We hope you found this Guide for Travelers from France to the Euro 2024 tournament helpful. We’ll join you with an “Allez Les Bleus!” chant, and hope you have a wonderful tournament, both on and off the pitch.