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Euro 2024 Frankfurt: Dates, Events, Deals, Tips, and More!

Frankfurt, or “Frankfurt am Main” if you’re not friends yet, is the most populated city in the German state of Hesse, and the fifth largest city in Germany. Frankfurt is the second wealthiest city in Europe (behind only London) and, most importantly, it’s also a host city for Euro 2024! 

In this guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know about Euro 2024 in Frankfurt. If you’re planning on attending matches in Frankfurt, I’ll show you where to find your tickets, how to get great deals to keep your budget on track, and where to catch all the action across the city. 

Euro 2024 Host City Frankfurt: Why it’s a Top Choice

Frankfurt is generally considered to be Germany’s financial capital, and that sometimes means it’s overlooked as a tourist destination. It’s true – Frankfurt might not have as many sights or attractions or culture as some of Germany’s other cities like Munich or Berlin, but there’s still plenty to do and see here. 

Plus, because Frankfurt is a smaller city, it can feel less overwhelming than Germany’s bigger destinations, especially during a large, chaotic event like Euro 2024. If you’re not a fan of huge crowds, Frankfurt could be a great place to catch all the tournament’s action with (hopefully) a bit less of the chaos. 

Euro 2024 in Frankfurt: Dates, Times, and Matches

Frankfurt is hosting five matches in Euro 2024 – four group-stage games and a round-of-16 showdown later in the tournament. The times and dates for Frankfurt’s Euro 2024 matches are: 

  • 6 pm CEST, Monday, June 17th: Belgium vs Slovakia (Group E)
  • 6 pm CEST, Thursday, June 20th: Denmark vs England (Group C)
  • 9 pm CEST, Sunday, June 23rd: Switzerland vs Germany (Group A)
  • 6 pm CEST, Wednesday, June 26th: Slovakia vs Romania (Group E)
  • 9 pm CEST, Monday, July 1st: F1 vs best third-placed Group A/B/C finisher (R16)

Slovakia fans will likely be spending a lot of time in Frankfurt, as the team plays there twice. The Denmark vs England showdown on June 20th is a re-match of last edition’s semi-final, where England came out on top 2-1 in extra time – could the drama be just as high this time around?

Hosts Germany also visit Frankfurt during the group stage, for a clash against Switzerland. This is probably when the vibes around Frankfurt will be highest, but there’s a good chance that tickets to this one will be almost impossible to come by. 

UEFA Euro 2024 Frankfurt Ticket Info and Prices

When it comes to Euro 2024 tickets (in Frankfurt or anywhere else), pickings are currently slim. UEFA’s official ticketing windows have closed, and if you applied, you should have already heard whether or not your bid for tickets was successful. If you didn’t enter the windows, or if you weren’t successful, there are still a couple of options on the table. 

As well as selling tickets through its own portals, UEFA provides tickets to the federations of every nation that qualifies for Euro 2024. If you’re a fan of a particular team, you can try to secure tickets through the federation. However, many countries have already communicated that all their tickets have now been sold. Choose your country here to try your luck. 

The final chance to buy Euro 2024 tickets through an official source is UEFA’s resale window. This is designed for fans who secured tickets initially, but need to re-sell them for whatever reason. UEFA has communicated that there will indeed be a resale ticket window, but hasn’t made the exact dates available yet. 

While group stage tickets are hard to come by, tickets for the knockout stages aren’t yet on sale. These will be made available throughout the tournament, as the knockout round schedule becomes clearer. 

In terms of pricing for group-stage tickets, it all depends on your seats. Prices for single matches range from €30 to €200, depending on how close to the field you want to be. Round of 16 matches will cost anywhere from €50 to €250, while the semi-final tickets are expected to cost between €80 and €600. 

What about unofficial ticket sources? It’s true – you might be able to find Euro 2024 tickets on third-party resale platforms like StubHub. However, these aren’t policed by UEFA, and you might find yourself paying significantly more than the original ticket price, or worse – being scammed into buying fake tickets.

Frankfurt Stadiums and Host Venues for Euro 2024

All Euro 2024 matches in Frankfurt will be held at “Stadium Frankfurt” (also known as Deutsche Bank Park), the home of Eintracht Frankfurt. The stadium’s capacity will be 47,000 for Euro 2024 matches, and it’s located on the southwestern side of the city, an easy 20-minute ride transit ride from the city.

Euro 2024 Frankfurt Fan Zones – Don’t Miss the Fun! 

UEFA has made it pretty clear that if you don’t have tickets to a match, there’s no point showing up at the stadium. They aren’t arranging any activities or events around the host stadiums, probably because they get too chaotic and crowded. That said, each host city does have an official UEFA Fan Zone, with games, activities, and all matches free on the big screen. 

In Frankfurt, the northern shore of the Main River (between Holbeinsteg and Friedensbrücke bridges) is where all the Fan Zone action is set to take place. In this picturesque, river-side setting, you can cheer on your team as you soak up the culture and energy of Euro 2024 with thousands of other fans. There’s a huge selection of food and drinks, music, activities, and so much more. 

Other Special Events in Frankfurt for Euro 2024

In Frankfurt, the Fan Zone is really the main place to catch all the action (outside of the stadium itself). Almost anywhere along the Main River, you’ll see large screens (some even floating on the water!) displaying the games, ensuring you have a good viewing point from wherever you set up. 

The river provides a nice breeze in case the summer heat (or the intensity of a close match) gets a bit too much, and there will be plenty of cool drinks calling your name. The city is also setting up sun loungers and parasols along the river, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a comfortable spot to catch the action. 

As Euro 2024 gets closer, more events and activities might pop up in Frankfurt – keep an eye on #hostcityfrankfurt across your social channels for more updates. 

Euro 2024 Frankfurt Travel Deals 

Traveling to Germany for Euro 2024 isn’t going to be cheap, but it also doesn’t have to leave you in debt! Here’s how to save money on your Euro 2024 adventure in Germany without sacrificing any of the fun. 

Frankfurt Accommodation Deals for Euro 2024

Accommodation tends to be the most expensive part of traveling for sports, especially for large events like Euro 2024. Because it’s held in the height of summer, flights and hotel prices are already at a premium, especially as availability becomes more and more limited. 

If you don’t need to live in luxury, camping for Euro 2024 is actually a great way to see a different side of Germany, especially if you have a car or van and you’re traveling between multiple Euro 2024 host cities. Germany has a lot of campgrounds on the outskirts of each city, offering an affordable, semi-comfortable option if you just need the basics. 

If you’d rather stay in a hotel but are still trying to stick to a budget, try looking for hostels as a compromise – 5elements hotel is a good option in Frankfurt. For something with a few more amenities, try booking hotels that are further out of the city center – it might not be as convenient, but it will certainly be cheaper. 

Frankfurt Transport Deals for Euro 2024

Of course, you also need to think about how to get to Frankfurt for Euro 2024. Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is Germany’s largest and busiest, which means it’s usually easy to find good deals on flights from a range of different airlines. 

To save on your flights: 

  • Try to book as far in advance as possible 
  • Look into early morning or late night flights, as they tend to be cheaper
  • Fly midweek, as it also tends to be cheaper
  • Use a flight price comparison tool like Skyscanner
  • Explore airline miles programs for sports travelers to earn rewards for flying 

For traveling within Germany, it’s best to use public transport. It’s much cheaper and easier than renting a car, and more affordable than rideshare apps or taxis. Plus, Germany has a great public transport system, both within and between cities. 

If you have tickets to a Euro 2024 match in Frankfurt, you’ll have access to a 36-hour free RMV network travel pass for buses, trains, and trams across the city. Make the most of it! 

Frankfurt Travel Packages for Euro 2024

Travel packages are a great way to keep your Euro 2024 budget in check. By booking your hotel and flights together as a bundle, you can save on both, putting more money back in your pocket. 

Sometimes, it’s also more convenient to book this way because you just have to keep track of a single booking and manage everything under one reservation number. If travel packages could be a good solution for you, check out sites like Expedia or Kayak.

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Frankfurt Tourist Passes for Sights and Attractions

Frankfurt might not have as many sights or attractions as other Euro 2024 host cities, but there’s still plenty to keep you occupied across the city! If you’re planning on visiting museums, some of them have free days on the last Saturday of each month, so keep an eye out for that. 

If you want to see a lot of the sights in Frankfurt, you might like to invest in a Frankfurt Card, which offers free travel on public transport (including to and from the airport) and lots of deals on city tours, museums, and other attractions. You can book it online and use it digitally – too easy!

Euro 2024 Fan Meet-Ups in Frankfurt 

So far, the only official fan gathering for Euro 2024 in Frankfurt is the UEFA Fan Zone on the Main River. As the tournament gets closer, it’s possible that more events will spring up – keep an eye on Reddit for details of fan meet-ups. As always, stay safe if you’re planning on attending a meetup by yourself! 

Official Euro 2024 Merchandise in Frankfurt 

Honestly, it’s hard to find much talk of Euro 2024 merch. It’s unknown whether there will be merch sold at the stadiums, but I assume there will be at least some merch available either in or around the Euro 2024 host stadiums. It’s possible that you’ll also find merch for sale at the official UEFA Fan Zones (including the Frankfurt edition), and perhaps also other areas across the city. 

Euro 2024 in Frankfurt: Don’t Miss the Action! 

The Euros never disappoint, whether you’re watching at home or out at a bar with friends. But actually going to matches and being in the epicenter of the action, that’s next-level fun. Euro 2024 is your chance to taste the excitement of a major tournament, and what better place to do it than in picturesque Frankfurt?!

So, start locking in those travel deals, convincing everyone you know to start hunting for tickets, and plotting your path to Euro 2024 in Frankfurt. Make sure you check out our other articles to discover everything you need to know about traveling to Germany for Euro 2024!