keep passport safe while traveling

How to keep your passport safe while traveling for Sporting Events

Are you planning a trip to a major sporting event? I assume, you may have already taken care of your travel plans and accommodation and even sorted out an exciting itinerary featuring all the sights and experiences you’re most looking forward to. But have you given any thought to how you’ll keep your passport safe on your travels? This may not sound like the most exciting aspect of your trip, but one thing that’s sure to put a dampener on your visit is the loss or theft of this vital document.

Don’t worry, though: we’ve done the legwork for you. Below, you’ll find all the tips you need to keep your passport safe when traveling for sports tournaments – so any drama on your vacation will be confined to the pitch.

Gadgets and Accessories to Get Before You Go

Keeping your passport safe while traveling for sports events starts before you even leave home. Consider getting a Rfid-blocking passport wallet to protect your personal details from being harvested. This type of wallet will give you peace of mind about identity theft and is an inexpensive way to keep your passport safe. Most Rfid-blocking passport wallets also incorporate plenty of other compartments and space for things like coins, paper notes, payment cards, and boarding passes.

If you don’t have access to a safe area at your accommodation, you may also want to think about purchasing a portable travel safe ahead of your trip. These clever devices typically deploy a combination lock and often come with a sturdy steel cable that can be used to attach the safe to a stationary object. Choose to either keep this safe in your room or with you – they might be super secure, but they’re light enough to comfortably carry in a pocket or bag, too.

Get Copies of Your Passport

Another simple step to take before your trip that could save you a lot of hassle: get a few paper copies made of your passport  – the page that includes your photo and full name. It’s a good idea to leave one copy with your emergency contact back home and tuck the other two copies into two separate pieces of your luggage. To be extra careful, you could also pack a few spare passport photos in the unlikely event that you do need to replace your passport while you’re away.

Keeping Your Passport Safe During International Sports Travel

But how best to keep your passport safe while you’re flying? There are plenty of tips to help prevent this vital item from getting stolen or misplaced.

  • Keep your passport securely on your person rather than in your cabin or carry-on luggage.
  • Consider using a bag or passport carrier that’s worn around the waist while traveling.
  • Don’t be tempted to put your passport in the seat pocket of a plane – it’s easy to forget it’s there when it’s time to leave the plane.
  • Be prepared and know when you’ll need to use your passport to prevent having it in your hand and on display for longer than necessary.
  • Avoid giving your passport to a friend or family member you’re traveling with to the sporting event, even for a moment.

Common sense and trusting your instincts are key. If your intuition is pinging or you feel unsafe in any way, get somewhere where there are airline or airport officials, or seek assistance from these individuals. Take a look at this video for more tips on preventing thieves from stealing your stuff while you’re traveling.

Should I Leave My Passport in the Hotel Safe?

If this is an option, then definitely yes! Leaving your passport in your hotel’s safe is a great idea and means you won’t need to worry about pickpockets stealing your valuable ID. A general rule of thumb is to only carry what you need and leave valuables and important documents, such as your passport, in the hotel safe.

If your accommodation doesn’t have a safe available, you have a couple of options. You could choose to use a travel safe, as we’ve described above, or buy a slash-proof, crossbody bag or one that’s carried around the waist to keep your passport in. Should you keep your passport on you while traveling? Ideally, keep it in a safe, but if this isn’t possible, the next best thing is to ensure it’s carried securely.

Staying Safe from Scams

Being aware of the passport scams out there is key to steering clear of them. Unfortunately, there are always new scams emerging, so vigilance is essential. For starters, be aware of fraudsters claiming to be a passport issuing agency, or offers of expedited appointments for an upfront payment. There are lots of these types of cons circulating right now.

The most common passport scam involves the victim being intentionally distracted by a crook while their accomplice steals their passport from a pocket or bag. This is why it’s so important, when carrying your passport on you, to make sure it’s secured in an inaccessible inner pocket or a bag that can’t be easily accessed or opened. Be vigilant, too, about imposter scams. They typically involve an individual impersonating an official, such as a police officer, and asking to see your passport – before making off with it. If you’re asked for your passport on during your sports travel by someone claiming to be a police officer or other kind of official, always request to see their identification and/or badge before handing it over.

Additional Ways to Keep Your Passport Safe While Traveling for Sports

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Stay Updated

It’s a good idea to stay updated via your country’s official foreign travel safety page. This means you’ll be alerted in the event of a potentially dangerous situation unfolding or should you need to evacuate the country.

Contact the Embassy

For even more security, you could also get in touch with your country’s embassy you are visisting to let them know when you’ll be visiting. In the very unlikely event that a disaster or dangerous event occurs, staff will be able to contact you directly and quickly with all the information you need.

Use a Waterproof Case

Getting lost or stolen isn’t the only danger to your passport. If it gets damaged, it may be unusable, and you’ll need to get a new one. An easy means of protecting against this eventuality is to carry it in a sturdy, waterproof case. Water damage is a common cause of passports being rejected at the airport.

Don’t Keep All Passports Together

If you’re traveling as a group, avoid keeping all the passports together – in one bag, for example. While this may be more convenient for you, it also makes things much more convenient for thieves, who will score not just one passport but a multitude if they steal the bag in question. Plus, should the bag go missing in transit, you won’t risk losing the passports of the whole party.

Add Emergency Details

Should your passport get lost in transit or during your trip, it’ll be much quicker for someone who finds it to return it to you if you add some emergency contact details. Simply writing your name, telephone number, and email address on a piece of paper and inserting this into your (waterproof!) passport holder along with the passport itself is a great idea.

Use a Travel Lock

If, for whatever reason, you do need to keep your passport in your suitcase, boost the security by using a combination travel lock on your case. This is an easy and inexpensive way of helping prevent opportunistic theft.

Don’t Give Your Passport to a Vendor

If you’re booking a tour or hiring a vehicle, the vendor may ask for your passport as a security measure. Never hand it over. Instead, if necessary, give them a paper copy of your passport. Check out this video for more examples of how to keep your passport safe in this scenario and others.

Regularly Check Your Bag or Money Belt

If you’ll be carrying your passport in a bag or money belt, it’s important to check these accessories carefully on a regular basis. You’re looking for signs of wear – the sort of wear that could easily develop into a hole through which your passport could slip.

Download an App

Arrange yourself a proper E-sim for communication and with a secure internet while traveling, consider downloading and using an app designed to securely store a digital copy of your passport. This way, you can access whenever needed. Choose an app that offers extra features such as encryption and remote wipe, to further protect your sensitive information.

Be Discreet

Avoid flashing your passport when you don’t need to. For example, it’s wise not to place it on the front desk counter when checking into a hotel or have it in your hand when you’re not ready to use it. Keeping your passport out of sight of prying eyes is always a good idea.


Should you keep your passport on you while traveling?

Where possible, your passport should be left in your hotel room’s safe. Where a safe isn’t available, be sure to carry it securely; for example, in a cross-body, slash-proof bag or in a money belt. One exception is if you need your passport for identification purposes, as some countries don’t accept foreign driver’s licenses as valid IDs and require a passport.

Should I keep my passport on me at all times in Europe?

There is no legal requirement to keep your passport on you at all times in Europe. If you won’t be needing it, it’s best to keep your passport in the hotel safe, if one is available.

What is the most important trick with keeping passport safe for when traveling for sports events?

In general, it’s important to keep your passport out of sight as much as possible, store it in your hotel room’s safe (if one is available), and if you do need to carry it on you, keep it in a secure, cross-body bag, money belt, or inaccessible pocket.

It’s Easy to Protect Your Passport While Traveling for Sports Events

Sure, the last thing you’re probably thinking about during the buildup to your exciting live sporting event trip is how to keep your passport safe. We get it. But consider the impact on your trip should the worst happen and your passport is lost or stolen. As well as the stress and expense of having to sort out getting a replacement document while abroad, you’re also facing the potential risk of identity theft.

Happily, with a bit of prior planning and awareness, it’s easy to protect your passport and ensure – as far as possible – that it stays safe and sound throughout your trip. Use the guide above to get passport protection savvy so that you can simply get on with enjoying the electrifying atmosphere of watching your favorite athletes do their thing.