Danny Last at Bayern Munchen game

A Complete Football Fan’s Guide to Visiting Bayern München

Bayern München are the most successful club in German football history. The club have won a record 33 national titles, including 11 consecutive Bundesliga titles since 2013, and the German cup 20 times. This wonderful record means a trip to the awe-inspiring Allianz Arena, home of Bayern München, is a must for any football fan. 

The Allianz Arena is a stadium of international importance. The stadium hosted the opening match of the 2006 World Cup and it will also host the opening match Euro 2024 and the 2025 Champions League final. 

In this article I’ll talk you everything you need to know before planning a trip to Bayern München, including advice on how to secure tickets, how to enjoy match day at the Allianz Arena and some sports travel tips for this great city. 

How to buy tickets for Bayern Munich?

Tickets for Bayern München home games usually go on sale 4 to 6 weeks before the match and are sold online. I recommend that you keep looking at the club website for the latest ticket news. Prices are between €15 and €90. 

I really recommend trying to get tickets on the “Ticket Exchange” site offered by the club. Here ticket holders can resell their match tickets to other fans. A patient approach is required and tickets are often available on match day. 

It’s also worth emailing the club at tickets@fcbayern.com and asking for tickets. Sometimes you get lucky and this has worked for me in the past.

If tickets are available on the day of the match you can buy them from the Allianz Arena Ticket Centre. 

Otherwise, you can try to get a ticket on a match day from people selling spare tickets around the ground. The best place to try is on the bridge from the Fröttmaning station. I’ve managed to get some tickets here before. Be prepared to negotiate on price though! 

Where should I stay near Bayern München?

FC Bayern World

This hotel is part of the FC Bayern World building in Munich city centre. It’s right above the fan shop! This Bavarian-style boutique hotel is furnished to a high standard and has a minimalist and luxurious feel. 

Premier Inn Munich City Schwabing

This hotel is good value and I often recommend it to friends who come to visit the city. The hotel is close to the Munich Schwabing tram station, English Garden and the Olympiapark. The city centre is 20 minutes from the hotel and the Allianz Arena a 25 minute journey.  

Motel One Munich-Garching

There are 10 Motel One’s in the city and all of them offer high quality facilities for reasonable prices. 

The Motel One Munich-Garching is actually dedicated to football. The Hotel One Lounge shows live matches and serves proper Bavarian beer. The walls are decorated with quotes from famous players on the walls and there’s also a foosball table so you can show off your ball skills.

How do I travel to the Allianz Arena?

I recommend taking public transport to the Allianz Arena, it’s the easiest way to get there from the city centre. You should take the U6 train in the direction of Garching-Forschungszentrum.

To reach the Allianz Arena you should get off the train at the Fröttmaning station. The journey time from Marienplatz to Fröttmaning is about 20 minutes. The Allianz Arena is a 15 minute walk from Fröttmaning. 

You need to buy a ticket for travel zone M to get you to Fröttmaning station. 

Stadium experience and amenities guide

Where to eat and drink near the Allianz Arena?

This is Munich, the home of great beer and it’s no different at the Allianz Arena. There are lots of stalls selling food and drink outside the ground.

Danny Last at Allianz arena

Does Bayern München have a museum at the Allianz Arena?

Yes and the FC Bayern Museum is really impressive, it’s the biggest club museum in Germany. The museum takes visitors on a journey through the club’s history, including shirts worn by club legend Franz Beckenbauer. My favourite exhibit, apart from all the trophies of course, is a broken advertising board that Jürgen Klinsmann kicked after being substituted in 1997. 

Can you do a stadium tour at Bayern München?

Yes, If you have a match ticket you can join a tour of the stadium on a match day. 

Here you can see the photo my friend Danny Last took in the entrance of Allianz Arena.

You get shown around the VIP areas such as the Sponsors’ Lounge and the Business Club, the press area and, best of all, pitch side. It’s a pretty unique opportunity to be so close to the pitch on a match day so try and book early through this site.  

Does Bayern München have a shop at the Allianz Arena?

It does, the FC Bayern store in the Allianz Arena is over 1,000 square metres and contains something for every Bayern München fan! 

What food and drinks are available inside the Allianz Arena?

Inside the stadium there are two big beer halls selling food and drink. I recommend trying the local specialities, Leberkäse – a mixture of finely ground meats which are then baked in a loaf or a Weisswurst a traditional Bavarian white sausage made from minced veal and pork back bacon. 

On a normal match day 40,000 beers and 20,000 bratwurst sausages are sold inside the ground, so you definitely won’t go hungry or thirsty here! 

What facilities are available for fans with special needs at Bayern München?

There is a barrier-free route from Fröttmaning station to the stadium. Lifts and escalators are available at the south end of the platform.

324 premium seats are allocated to people with wheelchairs and carers along the side of the Arena and in the north curve. The club offers headsets for people with visual impairment with live match commentary provided.

There are also 20 subtitle glasses available for people with hearing impairment. The match commentary runs as close-captioned live subtitles on augmented reality glasses

Matchday hacks and Insider tips:

Hang around after the game

Don’t be in a rush to leave the Allianz Arena. The queues for public transport can be really long and you might have to wait around 30 minutes to get on a train back to the city. You’ll probably notice a lot of fans leaving early to beat the crowds. 

I usually stay a bit longer in the stadium after the game, grab something to eat and drink and wait until the crowds have dispersed and have a more relaxing trip home. Quite often I get chatting to some local Bayern fans and, after all, meeting local fans is what traveling for sports events is all about! 

Other sports teams in Munich 


In addition to Bayern München, Munich the city has two other professional football teams, both competing in the 3rd division. 1860 München are Bayern München’s fiercest rivals and play at the Grünwalder Stadium in the working class district of Giesing. Their fans are exceptionally passionate and the atmosphere is always electric! The stadium is really old school and I love visiting here! 

Spvgg Unterhaching are a really friendly club with a small, but loyal fanbase on the edge of the city. It’s never a problem to get a ticket here and the locals always make visitors feel very welcome. I’ve had some great afternoons watching football here. 

Basketball – FC Bayern Munich 

FC Bayern Munich has a very successful basketball team. The team were founded in 1946 and plays domestically in the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) and internationally in the EuroLeague. The team plays its home games at BMW Park, which was opened in 1972.

Ice Hockey – EHC Red Bull Munich

The club was founded in 1998 and in 2013 the club was taken over by Red Bull. Since then the team has won the German Championship 4 times and is also very successful in European competitions. Matches are played at The SAP Garden and around 5,000 people visit each game. 

Where else should sports fans visit in Munich?

In addition to attending a Bayern Munich I also recommend checking these activities:

Visit a Bayern München training session

As one of the few top European clubs, Bayern München regularly offers its fans the opportunity to watch the players train. Public training sessions take place regularly and are a popular destination for fans. Attending the training sessions is free!

Visit Manchesterplatz

This site marks the spot where in 1958 a plane crash claimed the lives of 23 people, including 8 players from the Manchester United team travelling home from a match in Belgrade. In 2004, Manchester United built a lasting memoria here with the names of those who died etched into a football pitch. 

Visit the Olympia Stadium

The Olympic Games were hosted here in 1972 and Bayern München played in the stadium between 1972 and 2005. I visited here recently and definitely recommend a visit to appreciate the magnificent architecture of the stadium. Entrance costs €3,50.  For the thrillseekers, it is also possible to Zipline from the stadium roof across the pitch or take a walk across the stadium’s iconic roof. I’m not brave enough to do this but it looked like fun! 

What sports bars are there in Munich?

There are over 100 sports bars in Munich that regularly show sports. Most sports bars in Munich can be found in the Schwabing, Glockenbachviertel and Haidhausen districts. Here’s a few of my favourites. 

Stadion an der Schleißheimer Straße

This is my favourite sports bar in Munich. It’s really friendly and it’s one of the best-known football pubs in Germany. The walls are covered in scarves, pennants and other football memorabilia. If I live alone my house would probably look like this! There are many TV screens and the staff will show whatever game you want to watch. It can get very busy so emailing in advance to make a reservation is advised. 

Ned Kelly’s Sports Bar

Ned Kelly’s Sports Bar is great for watching international sport. The TV screens are always on and showing whatever sport is on. I’ve been there and watched NFL games, Formula 1,  the Premier League, the Bundesliga, the Six Nations. Whatever sports even you want to watch there’s a chance it will be on in this pub.

Champions Sportsbar

This is a great place to watch sports, even if it is a bit hidden in a hotel! The bar serves classic American food and refreshing drinks. It’s a great place to bring American friends who might be feeling a bit homesick and watch to watch NFL or the NBA!

If you want to know more about nightlife in Munich, check out our Munich nightlife suggestions.

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Wrapping up

From securing match tickets to exploring the iconic Allianz Arena and indulging in local culinary delights, we’ve covered every aspect of your matchday adventure at Bayern München. These tips also help you to plan your Euro 2024 trip. Whether you’re a die-hard Bayern fan or a curious sports traveler, Munich offers an unforgettable experience for everyone. Why not check out our other articles on this amazing Münich. Follow Traveling for Sports on social media to get the latest travel tips for your next sports trip.