Munich City Attractions: Your Ultimate Guide

Munich is famous for its Oktoberfests, rich history, and of course, the perpetually successful FC Bayern. If you’re traveling for Euro 2024 (or any other big sporting events) and plan on spending some time in Munich, what should you see while you’re in the city? Here’s our guide to the Munich city attractions you absolutely can’t miss. 

Munich Sightseeing Guide: 12 Must-See Sights and Activities

Whether you’re a history buff, a beer lover, a sports nut, a shopaholic, or a combination of the lot, there’s plenty to keep you busy in Munich. When you’re not cheering on your team, here’s our list of Munich tourist attractions that showcase the best of this diverse city. 

  1. Soak up the Sun at the English Garden

The English Garden (or “Englischer Garten” if you’re trying to fit in with the locals) isn’t just Munich’s largest park, it’s also an incredible space with plenty of activities to offer. Larger than Central Park in New York City, the English Garden stretches from the Altstadtring inner-city motorway to the northeast of the city, along the west bank of the Isar River. 

The park is great simply for exploring, but there are a lot of activities on offer as well. Check out the surfers on the manmade river waves, enjoy a pint on one of the several beer garden terraces, or visit the Monopteros, a small temple inside the park with incredible views of the city. You can even rent a paddle boat for the lake!

  1. Stroll Around Marienplatz

Marienplatz is often considered the heart of Munich. This large town square located in the city’s center is always a hub of activity. You’ll find markets, street performers, celebrations, and plenty of other things going on in this bustling hub. It’s also the start of the best shopping streets in Munich, including Kaufingerstrasse, Neuhauser Strasse, and Sendlinger Strasse. 

If you’re lucky enough to make it to Munich in December, there’s a beautiful Christmas market that’s held in Marienplatz, with stunning lights, plenty of local crafts to admire, and of course, a healthy supply of mulled wine and mead. Another can’t-miss sight is the New Town Hall, located right off Marienplatz. Venture inside and marvel at the incredible Neo-Gothic architecture. 

  1. Meet Your Mates at the Hofbräuhaus

Munich is famous around the world for its incredible beer scene, and there’s no shortage of places to enjoy a stein. With atmospheric beer gardens galore, this city is set up for socializing with friends on sunny afternoons with a glass in your hand. 

One of the best places to soak up Munich’s beer scene is at the Hofbräuhaus. This iconic building dates back to the 16th century, and is situated just a couple of blocks from the bustling Marienplatz. Raise a stein, soak up the atmosphere, and enjoy some delicious traditional Bavarian pub fare while you’re at it. 

  1. Marvel at the BMW Museum

Founded in 1916, BMW has been headquartered in Munich since 1922. You can explore this incredible 100 years of history at the BMW Museum, located north of the city center. From special exhibitions that rotate from time to time to the classic cars and motorcycles that are always on display, this top-rated museum has a lot to offer. 

As well as visiting the museum and learning about the history of BMW, you also have the option to tour the actual factory where BMW vehicles are still made today. These guided tours open your eyes to the manufacturing process and the specifics of the Munich plant, where around 900 cars are built each production day. 

  1. Visit the FC Bayern Museum at Allianz Arena

If you’re visiting Munich for Euro 2024, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with Bundesliga giants FC Bayern. If you want to dive deeper into the storied history of this colossal football club, you can explore the FC Bayern Museum, located at the club’s home ground (and Euro 2024 host venue), Allianz Arena. 

The museum takes you through the 100+ year history of the club, highlighting its story, triumphs, and most famous legends in the hall of fame. There’s an audio guide available in several different languages, and plenty of children’s exhibits if you’re traveling with kids and looking for something the whole family will enjoy. 

allianz arena munich
  1. Explore Nymphenburg Palace

Situated on the west of the city, construction first began on Nymphenburg Palace in 1664. It’s an incredible feat of architecture with a rich history that ties into German royalty, wars, and other significant events of the last 400 years. The grounds themselves are as impressive as the palace, with lots of room to stroll and admire the gardens. 

There are several different options when it comes to buying tickets for the palace and its surrounding areas. You can buy a complete ticket that lets you explore the whole complex (including the museums and park castles), or choose from tickets to the palace, castles, or museums separately. 

  1. Get Lost at the Viktualienmarkt

As far as city markets go, the Viktualienmarkt is among the best in the world. What started as a humble farmer’s market has expanded into an incredible foodie haven, with an amazing selection of local Bavarian bites made from deliciously fresh produce, as well as some more exotic options for those with an adventurous palate. 

The market is located just south of Marienplatz and has around 100 stalls that are open pretty much every day. You’ll find everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to seafood, as well as locally made breads and desserts, plus gifts and souvenirs. There’s a beer garden in the market (of course!) and plenty of food stalls where you can enjoy some of Munich’s best offerings. 

  1. Don’t Miss the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum 

Who actually invented beer? Why is it synonymous with German culture? And how did Oktoberfest come about? Dive into the history of Oktoberfest and Munich’s beer culture at the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum – you’ll find all the answers! Learn about brewing traditions, explore historic beer halls, and gain insights into the world’s most famous beer festival.

Though located in the same building, west of the city center, these are two distinct museums. The Beer Museum takes you through the history of brewing, including scientific and technical advancements. The Oktoberfest Museum explores Munich’s storied festival, detailing how it’s evolved over the last 200+ years. There’s also a tavern where you can quench your thirst afterward!

  1. Wind Your Way Through Olympic Park

In 1972, the sporting world’s eyes were firmly fixed on Munich, as the city hosted the Summer Olympic Games. Relive Munich’s Olympic legacy at Olympic Park, where many events were held 50 years ago. Today, the park encompasses a huge area with no shortage of events or activities.

You can admire the futuristic architecture of several of the newer buildings, climb the Olympic Tower for panoramic views of the city, or even catch a concert at the Olympic Stadium. Also, for Euro 2024, Olympic Park will be transformed into a bustling fan zone, where you can catch all the action and soak up the atmosphere of what’s bound to be an incredible spectacle. 

  1. Geek Out at the Technology Museum

Munich has a rich history in science and technology (Albert Einstein went to elementary school in the city!), and you can explore it all at the Deutsches Museum of science and technology, located just across the Isar River on the southeastern side of the city. Here, you’ll find more than 28,000 exhibits from over 50 different areas of science and innovation.

The Deutsches Museum is made up of 20 permanent exhibitions that explore the past, present, and future of science and technology. You’ll see everything from robotics demonstrations to model railways, as well as special, interactive exhibits for kids. Don’t miss the giant body parts where you can gain a new appreciation of the human anatomy! 

  1. Catch a Handball Match

Football is the most popular sport in Germany, but handball isn’t too far behind. Germany and Denmark are considered the birthplace of handball, an indoor sport similar to basketball or netball, except with a football-style goal rather than a basket. Players use resin to keep the ball sticky and make it easier to quickly catch and throw it around the court.

Funnily enough, the Men’s European Handball Championships 2024 are being held in Munich in January at the Olympic Park. You can also catch a game of the Handball-Bundesliga, Germany’s top domestic handball league. Matches are played across the country, and shown live in many pubs and bars around Munich. 

  1. Feast on the Best Bavarian Cuisine

No trip to a new city is complete without tasting the local cuisine. From schnitzel to currywurst, and pretzels to creamy spaetzle, you’ll find an endless supply of hearty, delicious Bavarian food in Munich. And of course, don’t forget to enjoy your food the Bavarian way – with a delicious stein of locally brewed beer!

For the best local beer and dumplings, you can’t miss Wirtshaus in der Au. If you’re after an intimate, tavern atmosphere and some of the best spaetzle in the city, book a table at Gaststätte Burg Pappenheim. Many of the local beer halls also have a great selection of Bavarian bites to keep your energy up as you explore the city.

Explore the Best Munich City Attractions on Your Trip!

Whether you’re looking for Munich tourist attractions close to Euro 2024 fan zones, or you want to explore some of the city’s best museums, you won’t be disappointed. Munich is a bustling metropolis with an incredibly rich history and culture, and plenty to do for every visitor. 

Explore the best of Munich’s sights, scenes, and tastes with our guide to the city’s best attractions. Prost!