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Best Things To Do In Düsseldorf in 2024

Welcome to my home town! 

If you’re planning to see a sports event in Düsseldorf in 2024 like traveling to take in one or more of the Euro 2024 matches in the city, you’ll fall in love with Düsseldorf. 

In this article I’ll give you my tips on how to make the most of your visit “die schönste Stadt am Rhein” (the most beautiful city on The Rhine). 

What to do in Düsseldorf

Drink an Altbier in the Altstadt

You can’t visit Düsseldorf and not drink a beer in the Altstadt (old town). The Altstadt stretches over just half a square kilometre and due to the proximity of bars in the area it is known as “the longest bar in the world”. The local altbier is served in small, 200ml, glasses and the waiters ensure you’ve always got a fresh drink. 

I recommend Füchschen or Uerige, for a classic Düsseldorf brewery experience, both of these are on Bolkerstrasse in the Altstadt. For a more modern take on an Altbier brewery you could try the Kürze brewery on, helpfully, Kürzestraase. 

In this Düsseldorf article I’ve provided some tips on how to order your Altbier, believe me, it’s important to get this right! 

Eat Out

You’ll find loads of fantastic restaurants, cafes and breweries serving great food throughout Düsseldorf and not just in the Altstadt.  

The traditional local dishes are very meat heavy. Classic Düsseldorf dishes include Himmel und Ahd (mashed potatoes, apple sauce, fried black pudding and onions) or a Schweinehaxe (pork knuckle). These are mostly enjoyed while drinking an Altbier in one of the city’s breweries. The breweries also serve Häppchen, these are little snacks to eat while you’re drinking Altbier – a type of Düssedlorf tapas if you like! Again, the snacks are quite meaty and favourites include Mettbrötchen (raw mince on half a bread roll) und Frikadelle (like a burger)

For something a bit different I recommend a trip to the city’s Japanese quarter and trying some of the best sushi and ramen this side of Tokyo.  The area also has many other great asian restaurants.

Here’s some of my favourite places in Düsseldorf to eat:

FUYU – A tiny little Taiwanese eatery serving great noodle soups, grilled meats and some delicious vegetarian options.

La Grilladine – A Moroccan restaurant tucked away behind the main train station is probably my favourite place to eat in Düsseldorf – and I like to eat. Everyone I’ve ever taken to this small restaurant has loved the menu of making for delicious meat dishes, fresh fish, delicious sandwiches and tagines.

Die Kurve – This restaurant is in the trendy Pemplefort district and serves mezze and dishes inspired by Tel Aviv.

Saat Grün – This restaurant has two locations in Düsseldorf. One in Pemplefort and the other in the city centre. They both offer amazing all-you-can eat vegan and vegetarian buffet.

Visit Japan without leaving the city

Düsseldorf is home to the third largest Japanese community in Europe. More than 8,400 Japanese live in the city. The area of the city around the Immermannstrasse is known as “Little Tokyo” and is full of Japanese bars, restaurants, supermarkets and even hotels. 

Recently Korean, Taiwanese and Vietnamese restaurants and shops have opened in the area. It’s a great place to take a stroll and experience a completely different culture and some amazing foods!

I can recommend popping into one of the many supermarkets in the area, buying some random snacks and trying out some foods from the other side of the world. 

Cruise down the Rhine

A panoramic cruise through Düsseldorf is worthwhile in any weather. You get to experience the city from a unique perspective and enjoy views that you can only get from the water. There are also cruises to neighbouring cities like Cologne, Duisburg and to the medieval town of Zons. The boats leave from the Burgplatz pier on the Rhine Embankment, close to the Aldstadt.

Enjoy a Luxury Shopping Experience

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Düsseldorf is home to the Königsallee, one of Germany’s most expensive and luxurious shopping streets. So, if you’re seeking some retail therapy (and you’re not on a strict budget!) this is the place to head to. The kilometre long street has various high-end stores such as Gucci, Cartier, Burberry and Chanel and many cafes and restaurants. A lot of the shops have security guards on the doors who might not let you in if you’re not dressed appropriately. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

If you’re on a budget then I can still recommend taking a stroll along the Königsalle for some people watching! 

Visit the museums and art galleries

In Düsseldorf many art galleries are very close to each other and not too far from the Altstadt either. 

My favourite’s are the NRW Forum, which is aimed at a younger audience and has exhibits that are consistently contemporary and innovative. At present (March 2024) there’s an exhibition about trainers and their influence on contemporary culture. 

I’m also a big fan of the KIT Museum. This gallery is located in a tunnel underneath Düsseldorf’s Rhine embankment promenade. There are up to four changing exhibitions a year and the cafe is a great place for a drink and some people watching on the banks of the Rhine. 

Take a stroll round Carlsplatz

This market square is the culinary heart of Düsseldorf. There are more than 60 stalls offering regional vegetables, freshly caught fish, meat, bread and cheese and coffee specialities. There are also various street food stalls offering food from Japan, India, Spain, Italy, France and many more countries.  

Check out the architecture in the Mediahafen

Just a brief stroll from the Altstaft is the vibrant Mediahafen (Media Harbour) area. You can’t get lost trying to find the area, you just get to the Rhine and walk towards the huge TV Tower.  Once a busy harbour the area now hosts numerous media, fashion and design firms, which explains the name. There’s also loads of cool bars, restaurants and hotels here. I can recommend getting a drink in the bar of the Hyatt Hotel and watching people stroll past and The Rhine meandering its way out to sea. 

The architectural highlight of the Mediahafen is the Neue Zollhof building, designed by the US-American architect Frank O. Gehry. The building is an icon of modernist architecture and uses different shapes and materials to create a unique structure. The restaurants on the ground floor of the building are definitely worth checking out. 

Visit another of Düsseldorf’s sports teams

Düsseldorf has many other successful sports teams that you can visit during your stay in the city. This article tells you also you need to know about visiting a Fortuna Düsseldorf game.

The Düsseldorf EG ice hockey team play in Germany’s top division and play their home games at the PSD BANK DOME. Tickets are usually easy to buy via the club’s home page. The city also has basketball and handball teams and, if you’re up for watching something a bit more niche then you can watch Borussia Düsseldorf, the city’s very successful table tennis team! 

If you’re in Düsseldorf in early June you could even watch the Autoball European Championships. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what it is but it appears to be a football match involving cars. Could be fun. Maybe! 

There’s also a vibrant lower level football scene in Düsseldorf. I can definitely recommend checking out a game at TuRu Düsseldorf. They have a really nice, old stadium with wooden bences to sit in. The locals are really friendly and I’m sure you’ll quickly be talking to the locals. 

Pick up a bargain at a flea market

Düsseldorf is great for visiting a flea market and picking up a bargain or finding some treasure! On Sunday all the shops in Germany are closed and the locals flock to the flea markets. Not only are the markets a great place to find a bargain they’re a great place to try some street food, have a drink and take a stroll. 

My recommendations for flea markets are Aachener Platz. This market takes place in south Düsseldorf every Saturday throughout the year. On Sundays you have a choice of the P1 flea market or the Radschlagermarkt. Both of these markets have hundreds of sellers, from professional sellers of antiques to locals clearing out their basement. Make sure you check the websites for the next flea market dates before starting your journey. 

Visit a live music concert

Düsseldorf has a wide range of live music venues to suit all music tastes. 

I’m an unashamed indie music fan and enjoy concerts at Zakk ##https://www.zakk.de/##. This 800 capacity venue often hosts German and international bands. If you’re really lucky you’ll catch one of the many indie bands who play here before going on to sell out much bigger venues. 

If you’re looking for something more mainstream then check out the schedule at the PSD Dome. This is a 15,000 capacity Arena that has hosted international megastars. 

You might even be able to take in a concert at the Merkur Spiel Arena, home of Fortuna Düsseldorf Coldplay are due to play a concert in the stadium in July 2024. 

If live jazz is your thing, or even if it’s not, then I recommend a visit to Em-pöötzke in the Altstadt. 

This tiny venue is said to be Germany’s oldest jazz bar. It can get really busy here but the atmosphere is always brilliant with partying revellers enjoying the live music. The name of the bar means ‘small door’ in the Düsseldorf dialect, despite living here I’ve no idea how to pronounce it!

My final music tip is to try and catch a classical music concert at the Tonhalle, it’s one of the city’s most iconic spots for live music. Crafted by architect Wilhelm Kreis in 1925, its distinct green dome makes it instantly recognisable throughout the city. I went for the first time this year and was amazed by the beautiful 2,000-seat concert hall. There are regular performances by the Düsseldorf Symphony and the Youth Orchestra along with guest concerts spanning classical, jazz, and contemporary genres. 

Final Thoughts: Getting Ready to Visit Düsseldorf

Get an itinerary organised ahead if you’re traveling for sports events – perhaps to see some of the Euro 2024 matches – or are heading to Düsseldorf for a family holiday. Hopefully my tips will help you to plan your perfect Düsseldorf trip and ensure that you don’t miss a thing!