camping during Euro 2024

Where to stay during Euro 2024?

From Munich to Berlin: the European Football Championship is underway! The 51 matches are taking place in ten German cities and up to 2.5 million fans are expected to visit the country during the tournament.

In this article we’ll look at some of the pros and cons of every accommodation type and give you some advice of which cities to look at for cheaper accommodation.

Accommodation Options for Euro 2024

With Euro 2024 taking place in 10 German cities, you have a range of accommodation options. You might choose to experience a variety of lodgings, from hotels and Airbnbs to long-term apartment rentals in each host city.

Another option is to base yourself in a town or city where no games are taking place but where accommodation will be much cheaper. With Germany’s excellent transport network you can easily travel between host cities, often very cheaply, and save some money on accommodation.

If you prefer to enjoy the nature while attending the Euro 2024 matches, you can check out the camping and glamping areas and move from one and another with your rental car. Here we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of all these options and will help you to choose the best one for you.

Hotels – is the default option, still the best one?

We’ll start with the obvious one. Germany’s hotel landscape presents a diverse range of choices, ranging from simple, cost-effective hostels to glamourous five-star accommodations. Whichever city your team is playing in you’ll (probably!) be able to find accommodation to suit your budget.

Take Berlin for example – within a 3-mile radius from the Olympiastadion, you can find 9 3-star hotels, 10 4-star hotels, a 5-star hotel, and about 30 budget hotels and hostels.

On the whole German hotels are clean, well organised and offer value for money. In my experience hotel staff are welcoming, respectful and are happy to help with things like explaining the local transport routes or helping you with any unexpected requests.

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Home Staying, Vacation Renting or similar options

If you’re looking for a simpler and usually cheaper option when traveling for Euro 2024, home staying and vacation renting using Airbnb or other similar options can be a solid option, though not without complications.

If booked appropriately ahead, you can find a nice house or apartment for a reasonable price, for the duration of the tournament or for a shorter while, if you’re planning to travel with the competition. When it comes to Airbnb Germany does have certain limitations that must be kept in mind:

  • Germany as a whole, and certain cities specifically, have limited Airbnb and other house renting businesses over the last few years, mostly for short-term rentals, resulting in a relatively smaller amount of options and sometimes higher prices than we’re used to. In my experience Airbnb prices in Germany are often similar to hotel prices.

What are the alternatives to Airbnb?

If you’ve decided to rent a house or apartment there are many alternatives to Airbnb that you can use to find somewhere to stay for Euro 2024. Some of these sites are specialised on German locations, so you might be able to find a bargain that’s not available on international websites.


At you’ll find a large selection of affordable accommodation offered by private individuals all over Germany. 


This platform was founded in Germany and now offers accommodation from private owners worldwide. 


This is the oldest booking portal in Germany and the first port of call for many German holidaymakers.

TUI Villas

TUI Villas is a booking portal that offers a very large selection of holiday homes and holiday flats. TUI owns its own holiday homes and holiday flats, but also offers accommodation on behalf of third-party providers.

HRS Destinations

The HRS booking portal has the largest selection of holiday homes and holiday flats in Germany. The holiday home portal HRS Holidays is very customer-friendly because it not only presents positive reviews, but also shows critical opinions from holidaymakers.

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Is it possible to camp during Euro 2024?

Football fans who enjoy a nomadic experience will find that Germany is an exceptionally welcoming country for camping and glamping. The flexibility of traveling and setting up base near the next major game offers significant advantages, not to mention that it’s often a more budget-friendly option compared to traditional hospitality choices. 

All host cities have in-city camping sites, and it’s possible to book your place either for a campsite, a motorhome parking space, or an existing glamping tent or lodge. Security usually isn’t a major issue, especially in an in-city campsite, and most campsites also include bathrooms, showers, and free-to-use power outlets. 

Obviously, camping and glamping are catered towards the somewhat younger and less back-achy fanbase – but it’s definitely worth checking out if that’s your demographic.

Get yourself a backpacking and a sleeping bag to be ready for your camping.

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Are hostels a viable accommodation option for Euro 2024?

Of course hostels are a great option for Euro 2024 for many reasons. Staying in a hostel is a good idea because they’re cheaper than hotels and you’ll get to meet loads of other football fans from other countries. The downside is that you might be loud in the hostel, especially if the country of your fellow room guests are celebrating a victory! My advice is to just join in the celebrations!

There are loads of really nice hostels throughout Germany. The reputation for hostels as being crowded, smelly and unhygienic is long forgotten here. There are loads of great hostels in Germany that suit the needs of all types of travellers, such as solo travellers, couples, digital nomads and those looking for a place to stay with a party atmosphere.

Mistakes to avoid when booking a place to stay

Hotels and Airbnb provide amazing opportunities for devoted football fans who plan on traveling to see their chosen nation in action in the Euro 2024. In order to have the most comfortable experience, it’s best to know what are the common mistakes that should be avoided when booking a place to stay for Euro 2024.

  • Extra rates are vitally important when financially planning your trip and booking your hotel. Some hotel and booking websites do not include different resort fees you’ll be charged for when arriving or leaving, and tax is another issue in different European destinations (Germany included). It’s important to know that and it’s your right as a paying customer, so contact the hotel directly and make sure you know the actual full price you’ll be charged for.
  • If looking for a mid-level package that includes hotels and game tickets – it’s far easier to craft a far cheaper and probably even better accommodating “package” yourself.
  • Reviews are also a vital part of modern travel, and even if not 100% reliable they can really be helpful in screening through the preliminary options. Ignoring online verified reviews isn’t smart, and the consequent replies of the hotel to every review are also quite indicative

What other cities could I stay in during Euro 2024?

If you’re looking to save some money on hotels you might want to look at accommodation in cities that aren’t hosting games. Ok, this might sound like a strange idea but hear me out!

Germany has a great transport system, so you can move around easily.

Many of the host cities are near other, interesting towns and cities that are waiting to be explored.
The whole of Germany goes football crazy during a major tournament, so there’s bound to be a great atmosphere wherever you stay.

You’ll get to explore parts of Germany that you might not have visited otherwise and you’ll get to create some new memories away from the mainstream crowds!

But, the major plus point is you could get a great deal on accommodation.

Scoring the Perfect Stay: A Game Plan for Football Fans

All the options are nice and available in Germany but now we need to answer is what kind of accommodation is most fitting to your Euro 2024 experience. Decide which criteria are more important for you than the others and start making your Euro 2024 plan now. Also, need to consider the mistakes to avoid when arranging your place to stay. To ensure you find the right accommodation, here are essential questions to ask yourself:

  • What accommodation style do I prefer? Are you seeking the comfort of a hotel, the local charm of an Airbnb, the flexibility of a long-term apartment, or the adventure of a house on wheels?
  • Who am I traveling with? Consider your companions. Are you traveling with friends, family, or solo?
  • Beyond football: Other activities? Are you planning to explore local attractions, indulge in culinary adventures, or enjoy other activities alongside matches and fan zones?

After answering these questions, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. To be more precise with the decision, check out these criterias too.

Is Germany Safe?

Germany is a very safe country but you should always be aware of your surroundings. The areas around some of Germany’s train stations are sometimes a little bit unsafe. My advice is to check reviews about the area you are booking a hotel in and, maybe, stay in accommodation a few stops away from the main station. 

Accessibility and Transportation

Euro 2024 is in 10 different cities, which means you’re bound to be doing a lot of travelling and moving between hotels. Choosing train or long-distance bus travel options over flights can offer convenience and eco-friendliness. Thanks to Deutsche Bahn, the German train company,  holders of match tickets can enjoy discounted national and international train tickets, making it easier for you to travel around. 

Many host cities also offer free travel passes for fans going to matches. These can often a large region, which means you can get to your accommodation without the worry of having to buy a transport ticket. 

List of Places of Where to stay in each Host City

We’ve prepared some guides to accommodation in each host city. Take a look at the dedicated page for where your team is playing.

A well-prepared football traveler is a satisfied one

Not many nations are better suited to hosting a major tournament than Germany. Between hotels, rented apartments and houses, caravans and even campsites and glamping – it’s rather easy for each traveler to find the best option for him or her.  It is, however, important to plan and book ahead – so you can avoid the inevitable pricing spike and standard lowering that comes as we draw closer and closer to the actual tournament.